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    Charging for nail art?

    Yes charge extra it's your time and time is money.
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    What's the best credit card reader for independent workers to use?

    Hi just trying to see what everyone uses for their credit card payments? There are so many companies to choose from so it can be confusing. I'm currently using "breadcrumb" buy not sure if I like it.
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    Shellac manicure & pedicure, which one to do first?

    I live in Colorado, I always do pedi first so no matter if they use normal polish or gel polish toes are dry by time manicure finishes. Now if person is doing both normal traditional polish I ask the client which they want to be dry when they leave hands or feet. But with gel polish it really...
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    What are the best companies to buy glitters from?

    So it is in Colorado?
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    Shellac Alternative?

    I love gelish, never Been a fan of shellac... It's true it was first company to make this type of polish but so glad others followed behind cnd and to me made product better and longer lasting. None of my clients like shellac because they say it comes off to easily.
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    What are the best companies to buy glitters from?

    Hi, just was curious where everyone gets their glitter from? I'm looking to make my gel manicures pop!! I want different shaped glitter not just fine powder glitter. Please post website and pics of what you use. Thanks 👍👍
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    Show us your Gelish nails

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    Good Gossip

    I do one coat queen of hearts and then good gossip and it looks fab
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    Gel polish question

    I only have had clients think the polish makes them more fragile after time?
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    Show us your Gelish nails

    I love my 3 layers of red polishes from gelish
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    Paraffin Wax

    I use paraffin as a service add on, $8.00 people like it very much! I buy paraffin bags and I never let client dip had or foot into paraffin machine. Instead I use a Dixie cup to take paraffin out and put into bag and then insert hand or foot into bag following. Clients like this much better...
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    Gave Up Offering Nail Enhancements

    I don't find this offensive at all... It's the truth and if the shoe fits then wear it.. We call them chop shops here in US and and the people who own them are Asians and they give themselves a bad name. If you look at any of them they don't even do nails on themselves prolly because they know...
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    Self-employed using card machine

    We are a salon in USA, so If you are interested please let me know. I can earn some extra cash for referring others to their company. Please just email if you are local in USA and want info... Also I'm not really sure which states the company does business. Btw the owner is not renting machine...
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    Self-employed using card machine

    On our machine it has a screen in it with everyones names who work in salon, when you go to cash your client out and they use a card you click on your own name and do transaction under your own business account set up threw card machine company. When I first started at salon I had to contact...