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  • Thanks for the friends request. I see you use Bio Sculpture, have you tried their new colours yet? x
    Hey gelly how is your perm make up ? I am trying to get hold of yhuet but no luck do you have any number or email for her? xx
    Hi Lauri, glad you are doing well with Bio! I saw your fab comp photo...!
    Had HD brows done by my friend last week; my brows have never looked so respectable. XX
    Aw well thanks for thinking of me. Cant think of anyone off the top of my head , its very spaced out South Wales so it would need to be someone specificly in her area. Maybe the best thing to do is ask maybe .... a young nails educator or Nfu.Oh educator they could look on their data base to see who buys product in that area, as anyone that buys these type of powders are more likely able to produce Stills etc. I would go to the groups and post on there. xxx
    hope the rest of your journey was ok, I got home at 11.45 and am really glad I took today off. Keep in touch. xx
    yes yes yes...although it looks like theres not much in the way of nails going to be there xxx
    I dont think we need kits think its all provided for the day, ooh better keep my nails on as my natural nails are a state lolololol x x
    Thanks so much for the friend request... had a peek at your album and your work is stunning
    Good on you in finding the way that suits you, as long as you know which way to go for your assessment then you will be fine. Thats the great thing about bio is that there is so much choice of the way to do them. Do practice your sculpts though as that is what seems to cause the most stress.

    I really only use s-gel if i have sculpted a free edge, just dont like it as a final coat. i have occasionally used sculpt gel as a base but not tried it a great deal.

    Have you done your brow training yet?

    I am fine thanks - just enjoying my family life?
    Hi Lauri, you have all right to be knackered, lol. Do you have a very very little one as well? :) Get some rest when you can hun. xxx
    Awww, Happy New Year to you and yours too hun! :hu: Glad you enjoyed your course! Esther is lovely isn't she! I'm 100% sure you'll be fine for your assessment! Keep us posted as to how you get on! xxx
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