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  • Hello honey, thank you for 'you know what'. I've not had a good week but much much brighter today, thinking of hitting Bicester Village (shopping outlet) this pm, and starting starflower (was that your recommendaton?) hoping by next month I will not be making plans to murder people, lol. Hope all is well with you..massive hugs and kisses xxxxx
    hey you xx hows it all going still busy I hope xx thanks for the comments in my album .. really need to get around to taking more pics !! xx
    hey hey hey..... we must catch up chickio.... been forever!!
    i still have your bottle of NYS at work..... give me a call if you get a min :D
    j xoxo
    I wasn't going to bring that up on your birthday!.... But since you have... Me Too!!! I Can't Wait Lol..... Only 18 more sleeps :)
    I'm fine, just mad busy and my computers been broke!! Hope you are ok, your album looks great xx
    hey hunny,

    sorry i javen't been in contact everything has just been abit manic at the minute!!
    hope you are well tho we need a defo catch up soon xx
    yay your back hunnio :o)
    loads has happened.... i did try calling y6ou the other week.... altho thats prob a month ago now.... sorry im so crap at keeping in touch sometimes!
    hope all is well with you??
    j xoxo
    Hey sweetie....long time and all that! Just got back from a boozy hen weeekend in Valencia (and a Saturday night with Sandi) - had an awesome time. Your right about the not so little! But she's fantastic and doing so well! Hows you....don't see you about so much nowadays :hug: xxxxx
    I managed to take some and put them in the critique.
    It's funny how pics show every fault!! xxxxxxx
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