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  • Well done to you again on your placing, you will have to try to get to birmingham in a few weeks whilst you are still in the zone!!! xx
    hi, well done on your 6th in sculpts, it was nice to meet you too....i didnt stay for the results, so i dont know where i came! is ther anyway i can find out?
    Take it your pc is up and running again x x x I bet you were dead chuffed with your placing and you deserved every bit of it. x x x
    Hi there...I know you have had PC problems and haven't been about the site in ages...just to say you've been missed!! :hug:
    hey hunnio.... spoke to georgie... all sorted for sun... she knows your going to ring :)
    Nicki and i are going to host a client demo type thing... with some kinda Polished goodie bags will tell you all on Sun :)
    oh and youd be amazed i havent Zelda'd all day... been on here and on the phone!
    see ya soon and hope ya have a safe drive back home hunnio (with no snow!)
    j xoxox
    Hi! Happy new year!! Haven`t been on here much as we are moving to Spain at the end of the month.....all happened very quickly & can`t remember if I told you already! My internet is going down on the 6th of Jan and I`m not sure how long it will be until we get it sorted over there yet......I want some time so I can geek more, so hopefully the Spanish way of life will allow that as I really miss not having time to geek a lot!!! Anyway take care and speak soon.......loving your new avatar by the way!!!! xxx
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