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  • Your Welcome, Thanks for the friend add, to give you a bit of background which I am sure wont hurt, she has been having her nails done since she was 16 (now34) way before I was interested, she has used NSS before and even recently (I always tell her off), I do her nails when I get to see her which is about 3/4 times a year she loves sparkly/glittery nail art but has teeny tiny fingers & nails but she is lovely,speak soon hun xxx
    I'm sure I will, when this current one dies I'll give that one a try.

    Thanks Sweetie :hug: xxxx
    Ooh I might have to try one of those then!!!

    I am using the 12 but the compact type.....have you tried that? I am assuming they will be very similar??

    I'm good thanks....lost my voice though and I am currently looking after 8 kids for 2 weeks so it's all fun here!
    Hi You :hug:

    How's things......can I be nosey......what Nfu.On brush do you LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE :lol:

    BTW I am loving the products too FAB FAB FAB xxx
    Hmm...dunno about the HD course at the mo...quite pricey!!! Maybe next year. x
    delighted for you I am still in shock at how short sighted your previous therapist was lol xxxx
    For a less expensive solution the skinlogic scanner is a great tool. However since you are taking on Environ, I believe Environ can organise skin analysis events with you and bring the beau visage machine which is by far more superior and give more technical results.

    At the moment the skinlogic scanner doesn't come with software to help analyse the skin. I don't know how you can take a photo either. You might have to call them to check.

    I feel the scanner is a great investment. You need to consider your client type, Environ is a serious range and the clientele may want more advanced skin scanning.

    Hope this helps:)
    You STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Congratulations xxxxxx

    Did you just love it???????????????????
    Yeah I remember Katchaya...Carlene was my friend but don't remember Kelly Vannessa, Olu, Irene and Lavinia were my little crew. I've been doing beauty and nails (on and off) since I left school really between having kids etc. x
    Yeah im good sweets, been a long time... Are you going the the Event? I have put my name down on the list.
    Not been upto much really same old same old. lol.
    Hows your whirlwind life then all go go go by the sounds of things.
    I didn't think you would remember me!! What year did you leave ? Who was your form tutor?
    Did I make you jump?
    Hope u r ok babe, sorry havent been in touch lately we need a catch up xxxxx:hug:
    aww dont!!! i was gutted not to gobut in the end just could not zafford it with all the rest of the hotel costs etc, may be next tme eh!! xx
    I know! It was fantastic to meet you in person finally - and you played a big part in making it a special couple of days!

    Can't believe you've only been "doing" nails for 2 years!!!

    Pics to follow today............

    PS - are you on Facebook??? Can't seem to find you?????
    Well hello Lauri! Yes nearly a year can't believe it! I'm ok thanks how r u? I'm having problems getting on here Lauri, it keeps saying server not found, that's why it's been so long. Hope u r ok and hopefully c u at the next 'event'!!! bring it on!
    Love Andrea xxxxx
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