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  • hey lauri xx hows it all going you still in the salon? hope its still going well chick, are you comping this year???? hope to catch up at manc if you are going xx not doing london this week I can't get !!!!!! xx if not manc I will see you may yes?? no hiding this time lady !!!!! xxx
    Certainly Samuel and Jim Nordstrom (founder of CND) will be there casing the joint!! lol Be sure to say hi if you see them ... you know what men are like ... a change of hair style or colour, a few pounds on or off and they are lost and don't recognize ya!! I will be at the EVENT this year! x
    Not this year I'm Afraid .... time for others to do the judging ... I don't like the responsibility on my shoulders anymore ... and I don't like the criteria these days either ... I prefered it when the artists had some freedom of expression rather than having to do cloned nails. Not for me anymore. xx .hug:
    Doing great thanks Lauri xxx

    How's the skin routine going? Any problems?

    When is your facial course?
    Hi sweety thanks for sending the copy of the reservation :) Im starting to feel like a kid again and ready to burst with excitement, hate to think what im going to feel like nearer the time ha bet you're just as excited x
    Hello lovely! Can you wear your nails short for Sunday please? Also can you buff off my gels for me please? :green: And lastly(!) 'we' have a mani / pedi client at 4pm if you're interested in sharing her? x
    And thanks for the message about the web site too. I can't guarantee Flash, but I can do fancy stuff in Javascript, have a look at Nouvatan? Spray Tanning - 07932 508084 - Home for an example of a nifty animation I did using a Javascript library called JQuery...
    Glad you like the make-up mirror pic! It's all done with stuff from IKEA (apart from the light switches and electric sockets, which are made by MK). The mirror, light fittings, and low energy light bulbs were all from IKEA - it cost around £100 in total for all of that, I seem to remember... IKEA are very reasonably priced aren't they?
    BTW could you send me the Utube link for the Nfu.Oh Gel please :hug: xx
    Hi Gorgeous,

    No.......We are moving house any day and the timing/costs just couldn't be justified.

    I am also frantically looking for a coloured Gel range to take on and thought that the money would be better spent that way.

    Hope you have an amazing time.........I know I am going to regret it xxx
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