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  • Just popping in to thank you for the kind comments on my photos, it's so nice to have some positive feedback! I had a look through your photos and your work is beautiful!
    hi Janice,
    thanks ... I'll set my FB page up for messages ... didn't realise :)
    Hi hunny, thanks for your comment. My application is a follows x2 clear gel x1 s-gel and my nails usally last upto 4-5 wks. hopefully this helps just make sure your prep is perfect and really carefull not to get any s-gel on clients skin as its quite thick and will definatly lift. I find that i have to use a different brush if my client has teiny-tiny nails maybe try going to a art shop to get a HUGE range of good quality Small brushes. good luck and hope this helps.
    p.s your profile pic is stunning love the colour and application : )
    There seems to be a problem with photo's in the groups in general, and I've reported it several time. Many people have noticed it, but there doesn't seem to have been any resolve.'s not just the Bio group, I assure you but happens sporadically everywhere,. I run a couple of other geeky groups too, and it's always been the same x

    Try adding a small amount of white (number 1) to change the colour of piontage. I have done this and also combined some 2002 with it and really liked the colour.
    Hi Madeline, WOW! What a surprise. I didn't know this was you. Yes, this is an invaluable tool. I do hope you can do my nails next time I'm in CA.
    Happy to see you on Salon geek! It is a great tool to find new ideas and advice:) Sorry I wasn't able to do your nails when you were visiting Cali last month. Your work looks great!
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