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  • Hi

    Sorry for not replying sooner. I have been thinking about your offer. I didn't really think it through money wise when I offered to buy as money is a bit tight at the mo! I could offer you £200 for the set. Also do you have any other colours as I think I remember seeing in a previous post that you had purchased 3 more colours.

    Many thanks

    Hi Gemied sorry having probs with my iPad , not sure if u got my mess

    Yes would be happy to sell all still boxed lamp DVD base top and 6 colours, bond aid in box full nas 99 expert touch remover and metal pusher unused, pack of expert touch removal gloves, receipt and warranty from Lena Whyte.

    Would like £300 as paid £480 some couloirs unused as practised with one light and one dark colour only .x
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