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  • Hi everyone can anyone tell me if they use or have ever used a Solglo tanning machine and what they think of this machine. I am thinking about starting again as I have been away for a while and will retrain as well. Thank u xx
    Loving your new profile pic!!!

    Oh thats fantastic, just let me know when and i will get every thing sorted.

    The new Flirties info is in, i will send you some. (its cheaper than every one thought)

    Hiya Kelly!!

    No am not going anywhere next month or so. Who's wanting trained??

    How you gettin on?? You been doing many tans??

    changed my name, what do you think? Can you come on the 10th which is the thurs. Please I will speak to Ian to try and convince you
    No probs... My landline is 0191 5817052 if i am not in, just ring my mob!

    Aw thanks for the kind words Kelly!!

    May be giving you a call for a Spray Tan myself very soon... my boyfriend hates doing mine.

    Lovely meeting you today Kelly!

    Remember you can ring me with any questions.

    Welcome to the geek & happy spraying!

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