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  • Ok thank you. Can you give me a rough estimate on the travel cost, and the actual cost of the training, so maby i can think about getting my girls together?

    Thank you

    I live in ontario, about 2 1/2 north or toronto
    We do offer the training all over the world but do not have any trainers in Canada,
    for a trainer (myself) to travel to Canada to teach this the traveling expenses would need to be covered by the trainees,
    for one person wanting the training this would work out expensive, how ever if you get a group of you together that wanted to take the training this would make it cheaper for you all,
    sorry i can not advise of other training as i do not know what is available to you in Canada,
    all the best
    Louise xxx
    Hi doll. Here it's called Emla (sp) and I have used it on friends who insist............the way that only friends do LOL. It's probably the same as No Scream Cream but you'd need to check with your insurance. For yourself, yes, go ahead but don't put too much on as there was a case in the states where a lady put the whole tube on before she drove to her waxing appointment and died.............the good news is that she didn't feel a thing LOL. Please excuse my warped sense of humour. xxx
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