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  • hi gem.. could you please lemme know if the eyelash course is on for this sunday please hun? i have the money ready and waiting! x
    hey gem, forgot to get ya new mob number off ya! i wanna do the course with u next sunday so gimma a call so we can sort and so i kno what i need and that! cheers luvvy! x
    Glad its worked out well for you.
    Its a tough time for a lot of people right now, glad you fell on your feet.
    Take care
    ahhh not bad.. just keep practicing!- alot better tho since i last saw u! whats new? u goin to clothes show live next week?! x
    hey gem!! how u doin lovey! thought id find u on here somewhere! hows the new job going? x
    oh thats great gem,im really pleased for you.i wish you luck in your new job im sure you're be great at it.xx
    im also really sorry to hear your news.i really hope things get back on track for you as you are a very talented nail artsist.xx
    Can you please explain to me the difference with united beauty other popular ones? I am welsh, with limited english lit.skills, so pease forgive my errors. have been working with cnd for a while (before the break) keeping my options open now tho. Thanks in advance for your thought and advice xx
    you seem like the kind of tec I need to be frineds with!! totally inspirational!!! mind if I add you? xx
    Hi there
    i can tell you are Obviously you are well clued up about the quattro product from you posts so im wondering if you canhelp me. I have started to use the clear and seem to be getting a lrge amount of shrinkage after curing the quattro...any ideas as to why this might be?
    Thanx x
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