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    Over charged for hair extensions?

    No you were not overcharged. Thats a very good price x
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    E-file opinions?

    Wow! These are fab! How do you do these in an hour?!! It takes me 2 hours and thats with using an e file! I really need to try to cut my timings down!
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    When to pinch?

    Ok great thanks for your message!! I appreciate that!
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    When to pinch?

    Hi all, Just after a bit of clarification and advice please! I have recently purchased my first pinching tool but I tend to only use hard gel for extensions now as opposed to acrylic. I use CND Brisa, Ink London IJel and Crystal nails fusion gel. I also tend to sculpt using forms rather than...
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Trial wedding bridal nails for a client I did today. X
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    Fresh brisa gel infills with ink london pastel pink gel polish x
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    LED or UV lamp for Shellac?

    Yes but the bulbs are not cheap! Led all the way x
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    Saeyang K38 E File

    Hi all, Ive recently purchased my first ever E file and will be completing my E file course in a few weeks with Young Nails. She advised me to buy an E file before the course so that I can start using it straight away so that I dont forget what the techniques are! The problem is it didnt come...
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    The Gel Bottle not curing properly

    18th asdxss
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    White, gold and marble effect nails!
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    CND Shellac chipping

    Hi, can you run through your pep step by step and your timings and we may be able to solve the issue :)xx
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    What nails are you sporting today?

    A few sets yesterday using CND brisa gel xx
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    Wearing gloves-opinions?

    Hey Jen459, Personally Ive always worn gloves when carrying out any nail service. I dont find it to be a hindrance at all but then ive never not worn gloves. We were taught in our training for NVQ to wear them at all times during any service. I suppose its for hygeine reasons maybe? I get the...
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    Best cuticle remover?

    CND cuticle away 100%! X
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    The Gel Bottle not curing properly

    Hi Sue, Could you please tell me if I would need to purchase the rubber base coat if i am using the gel pot hard gel from the gel bottle ltd? I am looking to purchase the baby boomer set which includes the nude builder clear and white gel. Could you tell me if I need anything else? Thank u in...