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  • Hi Gems, long time! Just thought I'd pop by and say hello. You're doing good by the looks of it! Hope you're well. Jules xxxx
    hi not sure what u mean about colour wish. Think maybe we are too critical in the end result but french seems harder to achieve in the alternatives than hard gel it. Especially when doing just an overlay Thanks for replying to our thread
    Well I want to be able to offer French as that goes with everything and is an all round winner, I opted for the salon rack A with mop added ontop :) I did want a mixture of colours from the 1st 12and new 12 but this worked out cheaper and as i havent got any colours they will all be new to me and my everso tiny :( (but growing) clientele :) xx
    Hi Gemma,

    Thank you for your message :) your nail pictures look lovely and what a different Shellac has made to your nails! im taking my Gels off tonight as my first lot of Shellac has just arrived I'm so excited!!! :) xx
    Hi, I have used it on my toes and it is fine. I used my Shellac base and top coat. It does seem slightly thicker than Shellac but then it may be me, will see if I can get it thinner next time. And I need to try it on hands next time too to see how it lasts. Haven't soaked it off yet so don't know if that will differ. Sorry, not much help really, lol x
    HI Gemma Sunday would be cool, happy to share the cost> fingers crossed know for the tax rebate getting here in time lol
    Hi Gemma are you going to excel ??? If I get my rebate in time I want to go but not hp with the thought of travelling on my own. xxx
    i read on the topic about mobile beauty prices you saying that you have a spreadsheet to work out the profit from treatments.
    just wondering if you are able to send this to me.


    Hey yes I did have them, they are a great weight loss program as you can only have them out of your mouth for 2 hours a day so you end up not snacking! I found them fine, you get a new set very two weeks or so, so they keep pretty clean. You just need to make sure to brush and floss properly and to clean them. They are uncomfortable at first and I occasionally had a little bit I needed to file with a nail file as it dug in but it was so worth it. It is all a distant memory now.

    You do keep a final invisalign retainer for life though after that you need to use from time to time to make sure they don't go back so make sure that is included and ask what you will have to pay if it breaks. It is a hassle but i had a fixed brace in the past and that was sooo much worse always scratching my mouth. You just get used to using invisalign and with each retainer it is so exciting as your teeth move back. I would reccomend that you go to an orthodontist thought rather than a dentist as I found that there were some adjustments that the dentist couldn't make and ended up having to see an orthodontist too.
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