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  • You weren't top of the class?... no way!!... must have been some right swots there so :lol:... delighted to hear you passed with flying colours... you can hang your cert with pride now :)
    Awwh it's not an exam... more like a bit of a test ;)... it'll be like answering questions on Salon Geek.. you'll be top of the class... don't worry!!
    Georgina you'll be grand, honestly... don't worry about it, I swear, it'll be a walk in the park for you... they just want to make sure you're doing everything the right way and not using an nsi top coat or soaking the nails in bowls of acetone, you know yourself... you know your stuff when it comes to Shellac, so you have no worries at all :hug:
    Hi Georgie. I have a website that you can see my other products on Lynx Nails and Beauty . . . The Irish flag wraps will be on there soon!!
    Hi Georgie. I hope u dont mind me pm you. Thanks for your reply to me thread.I saw on another thread u are from Cork, so am i. Just wonderin where u did ur course? Hope u dont mind me asking.
    Now tell me or is it just me but i can smell a fish here what company as big as harmony orperate this way especially when the police was contacted on 2 occassions for her fraud an theft an still let her represent Harmony Ireland. I love Gelish it is a fantastic product but the treatment i an the other students on our course where given by here is just nothing short of scandlous. Since i have met 3 other girls who also have had simlair experiences with her one paid her £450 for a 1 day gelish course and never even received a certificate to say she done the course lol. Total joke an if anyone reads this be warned do not trade or train with this con artist and to be honest has left me doubting Harmony also for have gave us no support we paid to do a harmony course to use their products we did not get trained and did not receive any kits so as far as i can see Harmony have to take half the blame here for when course is complete its a harmony certificate you are meant to receive on her behalf as supposedly a Harmony Educator. Be very interesting to hear form others with simlair problems an pull together an stop this cowboy from ripping of any further Technicians
    I as yet have not received any word from any Harmony representitive as to the way i had been robbed of my hard earned cash.My daughter and another student received a email an a phone call from Justine to say they where having a meeting with her on the 18th Sept an him and the USA bosses would be there to hear her side. My daughter an the other girl where emailed back from Justine to say he was told he had to stay out of it and that if anyone has a problem with the service at Posh Int / Harmony Ireland they had to take it up with Posh an Harmony Ireland as Hand An Nail Harmony are not responsible for any actions carried out by Posh/ Harmony Ireland.
    The student cancelled her bank card for knew what she had done on my daughter but forgot she had gave her her boyfriends bank card details and Pamela took the remaining balance of £350 from her boyfriends account. Again the police was phoned an she was cautioned again an made return the money for what she didn't know was it was the students boyfriends card and had told the police the student had gave her permission when she never an could not have anyway for was her boyfriends card. She also got her money back. To cut along story very short for could write a book on this con artist there ended up there was 1 person left on this 10 week course which actually took 6 months with the last student who had paid her the course in cash at the start so stuck it out only doing her exam in October 2011. Now 6 of us and 3 other people who where not on our course but who had done courses with her an had been treated simlair all contacted Harmony Uk an where told they would pass our details on to her boss Justine in Holland.
    At no stage did anyone on course ever receive a receipt from her. My daughter contacted the police an they interviewed her and told her she had commited fraud an theft an had 21 days to return her money and that she can not expect to charge for a service she does not provide an therefore my daughter owed her nothing. She returned her money 3 weeks to the day later and the following day committed fraud an theft again from another student. This time she played cute the student had paid her deposit with her boyfriends bank card over the phone and the student had made weekly payments to her with her own bank card. So after 8 weeks an still not even lifted a acrylic brush the student decided to leave for like myself did not learn anything at all.
    Now to the part of what she is capable of, my daughter left the week before i did because she had just found out she was expecting after trying for many yrs an did not want to take any risks. She tried phoning Pamela to tell her the situation an that she was leaving an to let her know how much she owed her for products received an course todate. She received no return calls or texts or even emails, that same day my daughter went to do her shopping an discovered her bank account balance was minus £650!!!!!! When check with bank they told her that there was a transaction for £650 went through from Posh Int, Harmony Ireland. My daughter did not authorize this transaction and Pamela had received her message my daughter had left to say was leaving and Pamela 10 minutes later exactly made a switch payment with my daughters bank card details she had kept from when she had paid her the deposit. Now correct me if i am wrong but is it not illegal to keep a clients bank card details? She knew what she was doing for anyone who paid her a deposit with their bank card she asked them all to write their bank card details down an that she would put the transaction through later when was not busy.
    The 3 girls left on the course after this stage then received a Harmony Acrylic kit worth £110 that is all she gave the students on this £750 course an the total products do not even come near £200. She learnt us the gelish which is simple an totally uncalled for to have train to buy this that is just so she makes more money an rips more people off on courses.
    For the price we only received the following bearing in mind this was a harmony course an therefore should be Harmony products only we were to learn this is a list of the following we received from Posh Int, Nail Harmony, ORLY base coat, ORLY pink shimmer, ORLY white for tips, Orly 45 sec dry top coat. One cuticle pusher which is from Sally's priced at 3.99, one harmony wooden file, one harmony buffer, one small bottle of Harmony cleanser, one small bottle of Harmony gel remover, one bottle of harmony gelish foundation, one bottle of reserve gelish, one bottle of top coat and one bottle of harmony nourish cuticle oil. At this stage 7 weeks had passed and had only been 4 classes as she just didnt turn up at classes an never told anyone an some people where coming from Newry an Newtonards this is darn right unprofessional an very annoying.

    I have been reading a few posts about harmony Ireland an the bother alot of people have been having with them. I have to say nothing beats my personal experience with this cowboy. In April 2011 i enrolled on a 10 week course to do acrylic's and gelish. Firstly we where not given any form of material for to study or no manuels at all, we had to write down as she spoke which i may add is pretty hard to do for keeps going back an adding bits she forgot when on a certain subject so impossible to learn this way. The course cost £750 which she allowed us to pay weekly and on top of this price we had to buy a bottle of red Opi polish for practicing with gel brushes and files, after 5 weeks the course went from 9 to 4 people because we just where not learning anything. I HAVE TO SEND THIS IN PARTS AS MESSAGE TOO LONG
    LOL I know... was delighted you posted and you were dead right with what you said, so rep well deserved... hope to see more posts now! :)
    Hey just had a look at your website, how did you set this up? Whose the host? (hope that makes sense)
    I am wanting to set up my own website, so looking for reasonable options.
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