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  • Hi Georgy. I've just sold alot of my things, I had a few coloured Creative powders amongst the stuff I sold, no pink and white though so probably couldn't have helped you anyway mate. I haven't got much left now. Just my table and lamp which is on Ebay at the moment. bye for now. Jayne.
    hiya.. i always seem to be online.. haha.. i think my pc has a mind of its own sometimes.. must sign me in when im not looking.. or perhaps i leave it on, yea more likely the second one.. xx
    thanks for the comment mate.. stillettos are so much fun and suprisingly easy to wear!.. onwards and upwards.. im going to get my name known in this town oneday.. mwah! xx
    Hi Gerogy,
    Thanks for asking me to be on your friends list. Glad to hear you're educating in Austrailia. I'll be sure to check out your website.
    Doug Schoon
    Hi Georgy, I'm not doing nails anymore because I work full time in an office now on the other side of Adelaide and dont get any time. I miss it and still love geeking! I have heaps of stuff to sell, no use me hanging on to it when someone else could use it. x
    Fran is the best.. i didnt know she was in a salon now!! Yeah its crazy we only have one decent trainer in such a big place.. i will have to get in contact soon so i can do a more advanced training session with her.. whats her salon called?
    hiya mate.. i did a cnd conversion through Advanced nails and beauty academy in Goodwood, August last year.. best thing i ever did.. where in aus are you? im near Gawler in Adelaide. anytime you want to share aussie info (as there really is not much around me) im here..
    chels x
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