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  • Hi Gillian can I speak to you over the phone as you are local and I want to ask you questions about waxing
    gillian w hasn’t visited Salon Geek since earlier in the year, just so you know.
    The castle is quite interesting, although the current Duke and Duchess have greatly reduced the amount of it you can now visit - the old family were much more people-friendly!
    You should have sent a PM and I would have nipped over to say hi! It is a lovely place to work - one American tourist once told me she thought it looked like a film set having both a castle and gothic cathedral so close together! Funnily enough, a lot of the castle is fairly modern - most of what you now see as Arundel castle having been 'restored' in the early 1800's! x
    Thank you for the lovely heart. Anne xx
    Thank you for the heart. Never quite got the joke about paraffin wax lol xx
    I didn't see that, but it was so obvious wasn't it? ... post has been removed now, does that mean your rep is gone? (was always curious about what happens in that case) :)
    thank you soooo much! I really appreciate all your help.
    so just so im sure :) wetting and true layer of clear, cure 30 seconds, lightly wipe with dry brush or kitchen roll, colour cure, colour cure? x
    thanks for your help! I will try this, so you start with a layer of clear before colour instead of after 2 layers of colour?
    Can I also ask do you find with some solid colours that you can still see a little of the nail through it? I am finding this even though I am putting on two layers??
    Hi Gillian! I was wondering if I could pick your brains please? I have been looking at your post re calgel shrinking back from the free edge (i am newly calgel trained) could I just ask as sometime (depending on the colour) my gel shriks away from the cuticle and side also even if I work quickly and freeze cure. Do you dry wipe the entire nail? thanks so much Laura xx
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