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  • There are 4 different scraper and stamper sets. Bridal tiaras | Wedding veils | Konad nail art

    The double ended is great as one end is green so you can see pinks and red designs better and it is also smaller for smaller images. The new double ended stamper has a built in scraper to makes things easier.

    Have a browse and see what you think xx
    I just tried it again and got better coverage but couldn't get an even colour in zone 3. Now I've decided that the pink colour is not great so I think I'll stick to CND. Shame, cos I much prefer the consistancy of NSI and had no problems using it before. I only changed cos the pink masque wasn't a nice colour. Seems they've missed the mark with this new one too.
    Hi there

    I've just been doing a little digging for info on NSI Purely Pink Masque and found your album piccie. I've got a sample but it doesn't seem to cover very well at all - just a bit more cloudy than the normal Purely Pink. How do you find the coverage? I did notice a faint shadow of the free edge showing in your piccie so maybe it's not just me?
    Regards, Hazel
    Thanks for the rep hun xx The nails worked out great, Yesterday I managed to loose one in the cashing up machine but thats my fault for not having a rebaloance yet lol
    I really should check my ucp more often, sorry about the late reply. Thank you for the rep points and comments about my christmas nails. :hug:
    the same for me too.ive been trying akzentz gels for there coverage gels and i love them.i dont do cb so i will definately have to try the warm opaque pink then.
    i also love ezflow glitters etc... but most my clients just have p&w.they dont want any glitter of or art.i did try there coverage gel and it was orange! i had to take it off and go back to akzentz gels as i converted myself from l&p to gel.i love wearing gel and i cant imagine going back now it would take alot for me to go back to l&p as i dont find it as versatile as gel,gel is much easier to change when you get bored of something.x
    i cant get my l&p smiles lines perfect the traditional way yet either.
    no i havent tried it yet i would like to but i thought it look abit orangey on the nail holding the pot of powder.i probably will try it though as the pink masque isnt a great colour so i havent got my hopes up.
    it get frustrating that nsi are behind with there products,i really wish they would catch up with other companies as its hard to try and stay on top of your game otherwise.i did fill in a questionaire they emailed me and gave them my opinions about this as im sure other feel the same way aswell
    your welcome hun.ive had a few goes using the reverse method but i think im really going to have to have a good practice with it as i really like the results it really does make the smile line look different.
    i noticed that nsi have also started doing this method as it features in the winter edition of 'on the nail'. so i can see why its catching on.xx
    thanks for the rep hun,its not hard to say nice things about your work as i always love what you do.another fab job
    defo fantastic for doing your "wrong" hand thats for sure hun...
    Can't wait to hear how you get on with them ..
    Oooo btw did the package I sent you arrive yet ??

    I got a letter today 5 days later than I should have got it lmao...xx
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