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Gina Silvestro

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  • omg youre competing,i would not have the nerve. you are great at what you do though, i bet you will do well. i'm looking forward to seeing you so much, i really enjoyed your company last year. i cant believe i'm going, it was all a last minute plan. i'll be all on my own this year as i couldnt afford to bring a daughter with me. next year though its the turn of esme who will be 21 so the trip is her birthday present just like it was for chloe.
    Wow!! have just watched your nail biter vid, you make it look so easy, but I know it's not. Thanks for the inspiration, I use Bio at present but have been looking for an alternative soak off gel, I'm now seriously looking at Alzentz. I tried to look at your other tutorials, but they are protected by a password, is it possible to gain entry for the site.
    Hi Gina,
    I don't come on this site often. Why don't you e-mail your question to dschoon@schoonscientific.com and I'll reply.
    MY nails are beautiful?? YOUR NAILS ARE BEAUTIFUL! I am a little anxious already at the prospect of having to enter the SR category next year lol, I have NEVER done a set of comp style nails in my LIFE! I will for sure enjoy my goodies, thank you, and congrats to YOU, and enjoy yours as well!!!!! xoxo
    thanks gina. i wont be allowed in the mixed media next year as i placed 1st, so i can only enter p/w. hell, mine need a lot of work before i can enter that category !
    Hi ,just wanted to let you know theres an Nfu.oh lovers group now on site if you wanna join ...hazex
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