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    Insurance costs

    Yes,but before going through all that palarva,thought I'd put the feelers out on here! [emoji16]
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    Insurance costs

    I am self employed doing nails and some beauty and work from my external home salon. I have been insured with abt (full coverage) for around 5yrs and my renewal has just through for £73 and I'm wondering price wise how it compares to other insurers? Many thanks xx
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    Glitter & gels

    I always put another coat over glitters,foils etc,but not if just colour or painted designs and cure topcoat as per brands recommendations.
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    Glitter & gels

    I do as you do,using a separate top coat for glitters,so as not to contaminate my topcoat. I finish with a second coat of topcoat though,to give a smoother finish.
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    Cancelled treatments/appointments

    Hi Geeks, So today I had client in who booked for her nails and facials for her and her mum...value of booked treatments would be £79. Two days before appointment I text client an appointment reminder to which she replied "great we are looking forward to coming!" This morning client arrived...
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    Onycholysis and pseudomonas

    This is said nail...
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    Onycholysis and pseudomonas

    Hi Geeks, So one of my clients with long natural nails who has gel polish, recently stubbed a nail middle finger) this has caused Onycholysis down the sidewall and partly around cuticle area,it has also grown bacteria and is sore and a little hot...I have gently removed all product and length...
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    Lash lift help please!

    I already use a small sheild,but was only ever taught to apply solutions at root,will try applying a little higher too,makes sense as the sheild curves a little higher up! Thank you! Xx
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    Lash lift help please!

    Hello, I've got a client who I eventually talked into removing her badly applied lash extensions (done elsewhere) and she is now having me do her regular lash lifts. She has fairly short and sparse lashes,which are starting to improve,she is preferring a lash lift but has mentioned she'd prefer...
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    Lash lift shields

    What do you use to remove tint? I'm currently using a damp/wet cotton pad,worried now it might be causing problems!? XX
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    Salon System lash lift

    I always use the sachets as found the bottles went off pretty much after first use!
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    Gel wrinkling over acrylic

    When I apply gellux over acrylics,I rough the surface up a bit so not smooth,wipe with prep to remove any dust or oils,THEN I apply a coat of fast bond,before two thin coats of colour and top coat.....if I don't apply the fast bond,they peel off in hours!! [emoji16]
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    Desk light for gel polish manicure?

    I use an ikea lamp,looks like a white nail desk strip light,so perfect and only £15! Led bulbs only cure if the are UV led bulbs I believe! Mine doesn't cure!? Xx
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    What to say?

    Thanks all,sent her this...hope mostly correct!? Hi hun,glad your nails are good :) Just be careful buying cheap non professional products on eBay,as sadly in China and some other countries,they do not undergo the thorough industry safety testing as pro products we know and trust here...
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    What to say?

    Hi all,wonder if you might be able to help me with something?? I have been a mobile nail tech the last few years,but will be opening my home salon (garage conversion) in September and working school hours.Due to this I will be losing a few clients who are unable to come to me. Anyhow,a few...