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  • hi
    can i ask about your glue lash out lash flash lash is it fumy and do you think they would send a sample of glue for me to try ?
    Hi girlj

    was looking through your threads and was wondering if you could send me a link regarding taping the lashes and layering thanx
    hi there just wanted to say thanks for sharing you flag idea.
    I will try it out during the week. Do you only use it to get into the lashes at the corners or could you do this to complete a full set just thinking it might help me stop sticking the fine lashes together while i am practising xx
    Hi there! If you go into "community" at the top, then "social groups" it should bring up all the groups. Then go into the lash one, press join group and BINGO! lol you are a member. Oooo how exciting!
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