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  • yeh i know, im better off for leaving now, so much happier and healthier now!
    yeh it is natural healing, ill be doing reiki 1 which is mainly healing yourself and gaining energy from the environment, i believe reiki 2 and 3 are based on other people and clients, im so excited to be doing it and i will definately let you know! :D
    yeh im good thanks, getting closer and closer to my wedding which im getting more and more nervous about.
    I was more forced to leave due to the leisure manager!
    Oh cool! nice one, glad you're really enjoying it!
    I'm doing a Reiki course this weekend which im excited about.
    I'm glad work is busy, better to be busy than quiet i guess!

    Haha no worries about the late reply!
    Leanne x
    hey Georgie, how you doing? colours are going great, mixing and matching them with bloody everything at the mo! haha lots has changed since i last saw you, dont work at savill court anymore, left in november, hows work going for you? Leanne xx
    hey, i didnt get in trouble no worries, we have friend and family come in all the time. tehy are really good thanks! i love the colours! x
    hey, i was looking at your post about selling jessica polishes, i've applied to be a member but it hasnt been ok'd yet so i thought i would pm you. I am incredibly interested in buying bulk of some of your colours if you still have them? thanks x
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