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    How do you post photos here?

    Can’t find the + button?
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    Micro weft help!

    What do you think could of been wrong with it? Thanks for your reply! Won’t let me upload pics sorry X
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    Micro weft help!

    Hi only just recently qualified in the microweft method. On a client I did on Monday she left really happy with the new method (she had LA weave before) but on Tuesday when I messaged to ask if everything is okay with her hair not too tight etc she replied that on one side of the weft, it was...
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    Pay later hair extensions

    Beauty Works
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    Rough prices

    Hi it all depends on the people in your area and if there is a lot of desire for hair extensions. What are other hairdressers charging in the area? Find out your local competition. Choose the best hair for your clients some people offer two types, personally I don’t. I charge around £80 to fit...
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    Hair extensions mis-sold

    This sounds terrible and I’m sorry this has happened to you. From what you are saying you’re completely right! Why did she even cut them first? I’ve never known a hair extensionist to cut hair extensions before they are fitted. That’s a mistake she must of learnt from. Although she refitted the...
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    Hair extensions?

    I’m not sure this is possible, As to sew clips on to the hair it would need to be wefted. I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of this x
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    Studio 58 hair extensions

    Sorry I didn’t read properly! If it’s tape course your after, I’m not sure if that date/price/location I quoted will be correct but take a look I may be wrong. Good luck!
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    Studio 58 hair extensions

    Hi, KM Hair extension Training has lots of venues for courses across the UK. There is a course near you In Leeds on the 26th February. They do 3 methods for £225 (was £499) £50 deposit to secure your place full kit included. Xx
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    How to get clients for hair extensions

    Hi, I agree with GorgeousLocks. I was paying Facebook to promote my business but it didn’t really have any interaction so I wouldn’t bother with that. But I do have a Facebook and I upload lots of photos of hair, how-to videos & details of my appointment schedule which gets lots of interest...
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    Colorissimo HLR advice

    It really depends on the depth & how much percentage of grey she is, how vibrant you want the result and how stubborn the hair is. Not sure about Colorissimo but Goldwell topchic has a different mixing ratio for grey/white coverage that covers great. I would possibly use 3% or 6%. Last resort...
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    Current hair extensions & new ones?

    I think Mini tips sound perfect! Please let me know how you get on :) x
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    Self employed stock help

    Can you not enter the stock amount into the computer system at the beginning of your next full stock order (add all of the stock up that you have already) enter the amount into your computer system. Every time a stylist opens a tube of colour they must put the empty box with the barcode into a...
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    Best keratin blow drys?

    Hi don’t do it unless you have your own clientele (Or can afford to wait til the clients come in)! You would be much better off getting that guaranteed wage at the end of every month. And do your own mobile clients around your children like you said til you can build your clientele enough to...