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  • Hi glamour beauty, you haven't been on for a while, would you be able to send me over the recipes for your thai compresses pretty please. xxx
    Hello Glamour girl. Just read that you did a massage course in Thailand, was it a thai massage or just normal and where did you do it? I am going in a couple of months and would like to do a normal massage course. I always love learning new massage techniques.
    Thank you.
    Thanks Debi....sorry to hassle you! Saw another thread since and realised you no longer work for them so no worries! Katie x
    Hi there! You must have lots of people asking the same question...but I was wondering here I can ordr some jica lash from?

    Thanks! Katie
    Hello Debbie
    I have recently received some samples and like what i have tried so far as well as like the catalogue and extensive range... With my samples i had some paper work with different facials and package prices.....it is a bit overwhelming as to what to buy... at the moment i use eve taylor at my salon but want an marine based product as well offering more expensive facials and body treatments.... Im very intrested in the choco therapy but not sure why none of the choco produts are on the the website, john is sending me a small sample to smell and touch... what i would like to know from you if possible is which facial pack is the most popular?
    thanx, shirley
    Hi Debbie,
    thank you for that. My beautician is already trained in Collin and wishes to continue with the brand. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Kind regards, June
    Just read your post today, sorry that the big CC has hit you this way. :hug: Hope things work out for you soon xx
    hi, i was in contact with u over the summer regarding these products do you still work for them, i did send an email requesting samples, but i got none, is there any chance you can send me some, im looking to change r even work alongside my current dermalogica range, thanks
    Hi Debbie

    You probably don't remember me but we 'spoke' on here a few weeks back. I can now let you know hat I have my first delivery and the company name is FlorMar. If you like I can send you a couple of freebie nail enamels to try out? I would be really interested to know what a professional thinks about them.

    Hey Debbie,

    How's it all going? What's happening with you now work wise?

    Hope your keeping well anyway, Sarah
    Hi Debbie, it's Jacqui, I've sent you a couple a txts an rang you a few times now getting a bit worried. Can you call me please 07742 827 951. Hope your ok x
    Hi Debbie, its Natasha Bennett here. Just making sure you're still ok for the training on Monday?
    I tried your mobile number, but it doesn't work anymore.
    Anyway, my flight gets into Manchester at 07.45, so can you pick me up?
    Give me a call on my mobile to arrange - 07719876689.
    Hi glamour beauty, could you please forward me info on what treatments are available from algologie, start up costs etc.
    Thanks in advance.
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