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  • No need to feel silly:) you were buzzing and wanted to shout it out:) Nice to have you as a friend x
    Just read about your Son. You have every right to be extremely proud of him. At a young age he sure has achieved a great deal and I for one am impressed...and WOW what a place to go to for training. x
    My email is rmckenzi2001@yahoo.com. Could you please send me the same info that kel's25 asked for? Thank you so much!!
    hi ya my email is kelly-marie23@hotmail.co.uk can you send me some prices and start up costs etc thanks hun x
    Hi Debbie,
    I'm OK thanks. The lash stuff is the dogs, as you know. I've only hand 1 client who had an allergic reaction and her cheeks swelled up and went red. She was ok about it though.
    Had one of your colleagues ringing about coming to see me, so I said she could come around oct time.
    How's thing with you?
    hi -sorry missed the message about the school in Northwich, thanks, will have a thing about it. thanks for the foot samples, more up my street at the moment! which website would I get more info and prices about these from?
    Ok ...i wont rub in the fact that i am THE YOUNGEST out of me and you....(did i say that out loud ) !!!!!!!:lol:.....i wont mention that i am the YOUNGEST ever again....
    :eek:...I am gobsmacked...i never noticed our birthdays......so i am the youngest then ! :lol:
    Its funny how tattoo's vary from place to place....you think it would be the same everywhere but it is not ........thanks for the info on my thread about baby fighting ....you should be proud of your son xx
    i found your input on the baby fighting really interesting. i didnt see the programme though, it must have been horrible, though a lot of stuff is filmed in a way to get negative spin on it.
    anyway i can see why you are so proud of your son, he sounds exceptionally dedicated and on the road to success. go and give him a big sloppy kiss and a hug !
    just read the thread on Agologie, obviously I am only nail trained (although have an inhouse for waxing, just not done any humans yet, except my lip!) can you get me some info on the ranges? I am thinking of doing beauty next year, but the two nights a week, or saturdays don;t really work for me!

    Could you please send me some samples and info on apologie many thanks

    Yvonne (vonavitch)
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