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  • hi. not much baking recently. trying to get organised for college, assesments coming up. Working most mornings. what have you been training in?
    I use glycolic and think it's excellent it's just good to have something for people who want a relaxing treatment.
    Alas not for a while... still waiting for a big op for Sonia. Then after that we will start trying properly...
    Cool Thanks x I used a really nice one unbelievably it was from the Precious (cr@ppy range!) I think they are really effective. x
    Ah cool thanks :)

    We are going to have Rainbow walls! The top half will be a neutral colour, an off-white like Ecru, then the bottom half will be pastelly rainbow colours, red at the top through to violet at the bottom... we like rainbows :)

    That front bedroom we want ultimately to be a nursery/kids room - we both want babies!
    Hey there, what have you been away doing? I wanted to ask what papaya and pineapple peel you use that you mentioned in a thread. x Louise
    It's a stinker of a cold alas; it knocked me out for 2 or 3 days last week; I was sneezing all day in the office, then I was so knackered in the evening that I went to bed about 8 at night and stayed in bed until 7.30 the next morning!

    Then Sonia got the cold a couple of days ago and she's been sneezing and feeling really out of it too :(

    As for the carpet, it wasn't so bad, as I cut it into smaller sections and put each into a bin bag; the worst bit was all the black dust that came off it, as the foam backing had all but disintegrated! But it's gone now and will be replaced with oak laminate floor when I've decorated in there...

    Alas no body painting since the shoot in February when I did the dolphin design...
    Hi Debbie

    Thanks for your message, am keeping OK thanks, have just had a busy weekend tidying the spare bedroom, shoving loads of boxes up into the loft, and getting rid of the disintegrating 1970s carpet from the bedroom down the recycle centre... am now just working on a website for someone, hope you are well :)

    Sonia is OK but has a nasty cold :(
    Hi, Pindas going well as is the hot stone therapy treatment. Must catch up to arrange training for chocolate treatments. Kate is coming to me on Tuesday for a bit of nail mentoring - great how so many of us can get together a help one another. Will be ordering more Jica 'fluff' retails well. We've got the basement as well know so plenty of space for training. See you soon. x
    I sure there plenty of things you love about the UK HOPE to come there Soon!
    Hi, I don't know if I've been posting in the wrong forum what makes you say? I've not been on for a few days - no phone line at the new house, so I've not caught up on everything! Salon is nearly nearly finished - going to open next week! Very excited!
    I've never been to the Isle of Man - am I missing out?!
    Thanks Debbie.
    Actually I was looking on the net again today for some of that 'fluff' you sell!! I am really trying to promote retail in the new place so I'd love to buy some from you.

    Can you pm me your details and I'll try a catch a minute on Monday to gve you a call.

    Debs xx
    Hi thanks you are the items resaonble priced like bronzers and blusher do you do a price list?

    regards sarah
    Hi its really stressing me out, still so much to do. I'm moving house as well so that's not helping!
    At the shop its mainly the decorating that's still to finish, and i'm also waiting for the signs. I've got all the furniture, that just needs moving in when the paint is dry!
    How are you? I was reading about your lambs! How lovely!
    busy as my working hours allow, all change in sept when Jess goes to school. I have just done full set of french tips in acrylic for a friend, I was quite pleased with the finish, but spotted problems pretty soon, one tip was too big and i don't think i thinned enough to the edges, and I think i might have hit skin a few times, so will prob lift...arrrrh
    going to bed!!!
    Hi! I contacted you a couple of weeks ago re Jica Fluff and you asked for my details - apologies for being so long but pls send details to:
    Alison Capper
    Beautiful You
    5 The Green
    East Yorks
    DN14 8QE

    Tel: 01405 837936

    Many thanks x
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