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  • Hi Glenda

    I noticed your requirement for CACI electrode repairs. We can either repair these for you or we can supply you with a direct replacement handset & electrodes. We produce handsets for most CACI models. Contact Multicare service department with your requirements.

    Malc Clark
    Hi Glenda. Can you please message me back as there are people on the list waiting for the dvd. Thanks
    Hi Glenda. I pm'd you but have had no reply. The next person on the list has not received the dvd yet and it's been quite a while now so can you let me know when you posted it please and give me the tracking number. Thanks
    Hi Glenda

    I couldn't PM you back again as your inbox is full so you need to delete some messages apparently.

    I'm in Denton, Wilmslow and city centre anyway x
    Hi Glenda
    The threading course is taught in shipley, west yorkshire, and costs £100,
    i can travel to you if you are willing to cover the travelling expenses, hth x
    Thanks for the info Glanda love...Im just starting out and am finding it hard to decide where and what to study!!
    Think the BA Master Nail Tech will be the one for me...cant wait!!
    Saddlesore :)
    yes comes with a bag too. im not saying its the best for you , you will have to look yourself but i like it and its sturdy.
    I am REALLY looking forward to waxing, I'm like a hairy monkey at the moment!!!!! haha. Your lashes are still on, blimey I might have to charge £100 per set :) havent ordered a couch yet, found the sunrise beauty beds on ebay, is your one a mobile couch with wooden legs, arm rests, face hole etc, about £60.00?
    will you delete some of you pm's, then i can send you one please, i dont want you to think that iam not replying to you. x

    sorry i didnt realise that i had done that in caps!!!
    the NVQ consists of manicure,pedicure,nail extensions,nail art and reception duties, its none product bi-est, it is catered round the student, to suit there times and avaliablity.
    any more info just ask!
    Hiya - please empty your pms as you inbox is full and would like to send you a pm.
    when you use the white i find its best to put in direct onto the tip or natural nail, if you try to put it over the clear with the sticky left on it it runs!! What gel do you use at the moment?
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