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    Face tanning

    The “Isle of Paradise” facial drops are really good, I haven’t tried anything else in their range but have been really impressed by these! They come in 3 different shades and you can either mix with moisturiser or apply on its own. I went for the darkest and it gives you a natural but not at all...
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    Your every day in-salon work makeup look?

    Estée Lauder double wear foundation will never let you down - it has insane staying power! x
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    If you could choose any treatment in a salon or spa?

    I’d go for a massage every time! Salon and spa! X
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    Distance learning / online courses?

    Hi everyone - I was just wondering whether any of you had gone down the distance/online learning route for Anatomy & Physiology? And if so, what you thought of it? Long story short - I'm currently just over halfway through a part time level 3 beauty course but have been very disappointed with it...
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    Training dilemma, not sure what to do - how employable would I be?

    Well I got in! Starts next week and really looking forward to it, so relieved I've actually managed to come to a decision! I did have to take the L3 A&P course alongside reflexology but thought this would probably be the case. Sadly no white rose colleges near me - I think I'm in a bit of an...
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    Foundation recommendation?

    Another vote for Estée Lauder double wear, it 'sets' in about 2 seconds and doesn't budge! You won't need to powder it either - amazing stuff.
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    Training dilemma, not sure what to do - how employable would I be?

    Thank you so so much, I'm lying awake at night worrying about all these last minute decisions but that's really helped to put my mind at ease - I did wonder how much of the L3 comps course would be dedicated to massage. I applied for the reflexology course this evening, it's a long way to travel...
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    Training dilemma, not sure what to do - how employable would I be?

    Thank you so much, that's really really helpful - and good to know it should be do-able! The Swedish Massage course was with VTCT, but we only covered A&P very lightly. Xxx
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    Training dilemma, not sure what to do - how employable would I be?

    Hi everyone - it's been a while since I last posted on here but good to be back! I was just hoping for a little advice and would be so grateful for your input - will try and keep it shortish and sweet. A couple of years ago I completed my Level 2 Beauty Therapy, absolutely loved it and...
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    Spa days - recommendations?

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to go for a pamper day at a spa for my birthday - we usually go to Hoar Cross but although my birthday is still quite in the future, the treatments for the day & days surrounding it are fully booked and it's a very expensive day out to just have a meal and a swim in...
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    Lash growth serum?

    Thank you! X
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    Lash growth serum?

    Recently I've noticed that my lashes aren't quite as long and luscious as they used to be (probably due to overdoing the mascara :o ), and I've been having a bit of a look on the internet at lash growing lotions/potions & serums. But there are so many out there, I'm not really sure where to...
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    Gel ruining my nails?

    Ohhhh thank you so much! - I'll remove it with heat next time and see if it's any better, sounds like that's the problem as my hands are always cold so it would make sense. Seems like such an obvious thing for her to forget to mention? I'll let the other girls know as I know some of them have...
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    Gel ruining my nails?

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not by any means blaming the brand as I know it has a good reputation, but I genuinely don't know what I'm doing wrong to get this dodgy end result! It's my first time ever using gel nails and I've never had any form of gel manicure carried out on me before so...
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    Gel ruining my nails?

    Hi ladies! I've just finished my level 2, at the end of our course we got trained in IBD gel nails - which I was really excited about, but I'm having a few issues so was hoping you'd be able to help me :| Before using it my nails were an average strength, but in good condition overall, never...