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  • Thank you so much for coming down.....I really enjoyed today....it was so nice to work with you all. I gotta admit I love this product and love introducing it to people and knowing it's going to help them make their businesses successful!

    I guessing I'm going to be passing your way occasionally for training...will buzz you when I am and we must catch up for lunch xxx
    Thankyou, I am sorry I only just noticed what you said, can you believe that it has taken me nearly 2 yrs to realise this part of SG,,dohh xxx xx
    Thanks for the rep! Bloody hell that was quick I had only just pressed the 'post' button! Are you stalking me? LOL!!! xx
    Didn't have any viewers in August but we didn't expect any as most places close due to the heat. No more news yet, but staying positive for a buyer, sooner or later! x
    Hi Karen, I'm ok thanks hunny, you?
    Not had internet or phone since Wednesday morning! Then got internet back sporadically but no phone LOL, finally sorted now, thank goodness! xxx
    U had a blonde moment then dal.. Yep get there bout 8/9ish sat nite..gonna try n get to show early then get the 5ish train back home..
    Gonna do same for assessor day.. go up to Blkpool sun evening, premier inn, n do it mon then come home mon evening. xx
    God it was brill!! must meet up next time round!! Sam said it will be in 18 months time!! cant wait!!! Not got my lamp yet!! hope to get it soon!!
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