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  • I'm looking for someone to help me with Acrilic work tips and tricks because I don't have a high client Acrilic base I'm having problems with tecknick and trouble shotting I live in the costa del sol Spain :-/ ps sorry about the spelling
    hello Glo.. i must say that your nails are part of the reason i love what i do!! you most certainly have an eye for style..
    thanks mate.
    Haha oi that corset is strictly for posing in!!! I fancy getting a black or red one, red would be f-a-b! With some heart sequin pasties, yea baby! Dita eat your heart out!

    Oi oi oi ..... Oh no........ we wont ne meeting up then till autum.... going to germany, family stuff end of feb till 4th of march and then a brake with my boys and faye in may , the Nailympics weekend..... Right we need to seriously sort out a date in between now then....The sofa bed is here ready and waiting babe, might even let Mark stay too lmfao xxxx
    GLOBUG MY PHOTO CHICHA! Yes honey, we'll arrange a date soon, Feb and March are BAD months for me - mine and Mickey's bdays, Excel, I'm going home for a few days after the show too, and we're hoping to go see Man Utd play end of march, I'm free from april though, but we'll have a chat at the show!
    I've found the most amazing burlesque pencil fishtail's on my bday list so maybe I could combo that with a pukka pair of nipple tassles PMSL hahaha speak soon xxxxxxxxxmwah
    Hi Gloria, Just calling in to wish you a Happy New Year and say hi after a long time. I have seen some of your work in Scratch - my my you are doing well!! Congratulations! Hope you are ok. We are fine here and I am still busy in the office and card-making. All the best for 2008. Carol xxx
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