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  • Hey, i know that finishing touches in thetford where i live is offering the shellac, but tbh i havent seen anyone else as yet, im not going to be offering for the near future, only because i do so many colour/glitter gel and acrylic extensions cos thats what im well known for, theres only me in the salon doing nails and its getting so busy i might need to consider having someone else in thre with me soon if im gonna offer even more services .... r u going to offer it ??hope your well ? haze x
    Hi ya, thanks for the message, yeah stowmarkets not that far from me, im in thetford.... i was at excel this weekend competing !! for the first time.... howd ya find the show then? haze x
    There are several around our way that I've noticed, but I can't remember the names. Do a few searches and put in norfolk, then suffolk, etc etc. Also, if you have the time, look through my friends, I'm sure there are at least 2 in our area on there! Good luck x
    Hello new friend! I just saw your post on the excel thread, and knew you were a sensible person, by the OMG sexy avatar!
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