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  • Hey chick!
    I'm good thanks you? Yeah i had it on Thursday there with Sienna X was really good! I really recommend it! The training was fab and the tan smells lovely nice and coconuty lol. What one were you thinking of doing? xx
    It is hard to decide eh? just saw so many comments about how good they are but it is very expensive i with they accepted ILA. I was looking into NSI too but i dont know how i would get there as i don't drive and CND are closer to me lol. I'm doing mine with Sienna X and The Fingertips Centre. So looking forward to it :) x x
    thats like me i cant wait to get started on people lol.. i was there again today and back next week for my assessment. Oh that would be lovely lol i cant wait to do nails just need to get saving as im going to go with CND i think! Hopefully get it sorted within the next couple of months! No i've not booked onto anything else yet, got my spray tanning one next week so in the mean time ill just practise that and waxing. You are going to do your nail course with NSI arent you? I got one of my nails done by them at the scottish beauty show lol was really nice :) x x
    Hey hun!! I'm sorry i have just noticed u messaged me just now! lol.. Things are good thanks, i've started a waxing course, first day was last week and going back tomorrow again, i'm really enjoying it :). Hows things with you? Have you been on anymore courses? Xx
    thats good eh? i hope they do a wee offer like that again id def do it lol. Yeah thanks for the tip i'll def keep my eye open for them :) are they just in the events section? still trying to get used to the site, so glad i found it though it's so helpful!! Yeah thats what i'm hoping to do eventually too, i'm going back to work in July 3 days a week tho but i'll be learning all this on my days off n then hopefully one day go mobile or maybe rent a room or something!
    Yeah i knew that it's really good! I thought it would have just been a one off grant. Def going to make the most of that! lol.
    Hope everything goes well for you and the courses! If i see any good offers on anything i'll let you know lol x x
    its hard when u have a wee ones eh? thats the same with me cant afford to go to college as i have a mortgage to think about lol.

    I just booked onto a waxing course today which starts in Glasgow next week. Got it half price as its on offer so using the ILA to fund it, i dont need to pay a thing lol so happy! I'm wanting to do an eyelash extentioin course and lash and brow tinting too! Where did u do your lash & brow tinting about? I'm also saving to go on a nail course at the mo think im going to go with CND their just pretty expensive so dont know when i'll do it. Are you hoping to go mobile? x x
    Hello :) thanks! things are good, how are you? i see u have the same idea as me trying doing a course at a time! It's exciting eh? lol. Have you did any courses yet? x x
    who did u wax then? lol thats good thou just get practising ! think the most important thing to do is stretch the skin, my friend does not do this so well god it hurts lol xx
    Just got your message.
    Did you get a hold of someone on Sunday?
    Usually we are open Monday - Friday at The Fingertips Centre,
    but often we are there on Sundays for training, give us a wee phone first: 0131 333 3180 and you will more often than not find us there on Sundays.
    I had nothing either, just take some extra money with you on the day and they will sort you out with any extra bits you need, but they won't push anything on to you. xx
    Hi there, I would definately recommend the Spa course, in fact any of the fingertips courses, they're a fab team. i really enjoyed my course and they're always in the other end of the phone.......You'd need to check with them re up to date prices as they change, but it's cheaper than others I've seen and it includes an intro pack of products to get you started and a DVD which is good as a refresher until you've built your confidence in your routine.
    Get yourself booked on it hun.....and if you want my advice don't book any other nail courses until you have spoken to them at fingertips, they really are the best!!! I know you are wanting to use your ILA, I did too, but I decided to use it towards other beauty courses at the Scottish Beauty School. HTH,Lou x
    Hi Dawn if you go on to our website you'll see the courses, dates and prices and you are more than welcome to come to our Open Day there will be lots of great stuff happening that day (including the Pink Hummer) me your address and we will send an invite. Fiona
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