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    Online makeup diploma

    I've been looking for an indepth makeup course and bridal makeup preferably not a one day one, I could go to college to study my hnd but it's full time and I can't leave my work to study, there was the HND course part time at a makeup academy but it was £**** which I can't afford, there is a...
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    Girls/teen makeup

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    Girls/teen makeup

    I'm looking for some advice,I run a girls pamper party business,it's doing really well and the Makeup package is proving popular. I only really do eyeshadow, blusher, lipgloss and some glitter as it's just for fun and there's sometimes 6 girls to do. My age range is 3-13yrs,although I'm finding...
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    Timings for pamper parties

    For those of you that offer these in a salon how much time do you have in between to tidy up/setup for the next party? Thanks
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    Help with insurance

    Looking for advice on the best place to get public liability insurance for kids pamper parties? I will be doing these from a rented room within a salon any help?
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    Best place to buy kids satin robes?

    As the title says, looking for kids satin robes? eBay ones are mostly from China so not sure what they'll be like quality wise,anyone have these? Thanks
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    Ideas for a onesie party?

    Anyone have any ideas of games or things to do at a kids onesie party? Was thinking of making a child friendly truth or dare game? Any other ideas? Thanks
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    Kids party insurance

    I know this is an old post but rather than making a new one just thought I'd buno this,anyone know?
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    Anyone have a girl’s party room/salon?

    Again thanks for the advice,can you recomend the best company for insurance for this type of thing?,I'm under the salons policy just now but will obviously need my own x
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    Anyone have a girl’s party room/salon?

    Thanks for all the advice really appreciate it,I'll see how I go to begin with and see if they are popular and I can get the bookings,if it becomes really busy then I'll hopefully be able to take someone on to help out,I've got lots of work ahead of me getting up and running, everything is just...
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    Anyone have a girl’s party room/salon?

    Can I ask do you give party bags? I'm looking at what I could put in these and how to keep the costs down on each one thanks
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    Anyone have a girl’s party room/salon?

    That's what im going to do lol and then a prize for the best one like a wee packet of sweets,for older girls I'm going to print off face sheets and get them to do makeup on them,still using pens, pencils,maybe gems and again pick a winner just coming up with ideas to keep them amused
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    Anyone have a girl’s party room/salon?

    See I will be renting and can't really afford to have anyone helping me that's why I'll be keeping it to small numbers,I'm under no illusions it'll be hard and as you say chaos but I'm hoping the more I do the more I get a good routine,I am giving myself half hour between parties to get...
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    Anyone have a girl’s party room/salon?

    Thanks for the replies,I'll be doing them on my own but will only have 6 kids max. Any more I would need help,Im thinking the main thing is keeping the other girls amused while you work on one but I've worked out some activities and things they can do,I'm also going to have a selection of kids...
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    Anyone have a girl’s party room/salon?

    Thanks for the reply,I'm looking to do them Friday after school Saturday & Sunday but hopefully this will be my main income,so looking to be fully booked most weekend s,I understand they will be tiring lol but I've got 3 kids I'm used to it,just wanted to know if they are popular and get lots of...