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    Getting stressed trying to find a fitness watch - totally off topic

    I have a NavMan which does all those things! I only use it for outside running and races as it has GPS functionality. Don't really need it in the gym as the machines give you all neecessary info. NavMans are armband design rather than watch, but if you really want a watch, then you can't go...
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    Colour down under...

    Well hello there Victoria, you've certainly become a lot more brazen since last we met!! :eek::green: I have successfully 'coloured down under' in the past, but with conventional hair (as in hair on your head) products and only on myself. To achieve an intense colour, it is an idea to...
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    Does the title of Doctor actually mean anything in cosmetics?

    Check out the website: About Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Holistic Approach Ingredients & Products : Our History : Dr. Hauschka Skin Care it appears Dr Hauschka wasn't a medical doctor, but still an educated man...more of a philosopher. Wikipedia had this on Hauschka: Dr Hauschka - Wikipedia, the...
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    Marvel Lash

    I'm guessing Marvel Lash are false eyelashes, rather than eyelash extensions?
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    Lipsticks for brides?

    I discuss this with brides (and bridesmaids/guests if necessary) at their trial. I give them them the option of either going to purchase the product before the big day (usually a few months, so plenty of time) or decanting some product into a small container and including a lip brush, which I...
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    Marvel Lash Eyelash Extension courses - any good?

    Good for you, Toni :green: I was tempted by the idea of extending the course to two days rather than one, but think I'd feel happiest with the idea of a week in between classes for practise and case studies, so that any problems that arise can be dealt with at the next class. Of course, this...
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    Marvel Lash Eyelash Extension courses - any good?

    Due to demand, I ran a few one day Eyelash Extension courses a year or so ago. My course was recognised by BABTAC and Professional Beauty, and I felt I was giving my students the best possible education by being an unbiased independent trainer, who was not affiliated with any company. I've been...
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    Need advice on teenage skin

    Keep it as simple as possible, as I've said in another thread recently, the more you fiddle with the skin the worse it will get and the more you'll have to fiddle with it in the future. Get her a creamy cleanser, non-perfumed and not designed for oily skin (as has been mentioned, it will strip...
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    Space nk for eyelashes

    If you stop picking and rubbing at your eyelashes, they ought to grow back and replenish fully, but this is a process that will take several months rather than a matter of weeks. Generally, traumatising follicles won't destroy them, but you may find your eyelashes become sparse if you are...
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    Successful Eye Lash Tint - What about yours?

    Ah, I see what you're saying. There are guidelines that come with the different types of tint, which state how long tint should be left on for, I always tend to follow those and have never had a problem. It will also depend how much peroxide you use: if you're heavy handed with it, developing...
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    You mean the ones that make them look like they know what they're talking about??:lol: They're just white lab coats aren't they?
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    prof skincare range for home use

    He he, thanks! :green: It's taken me a while to work out what my skin likes and what it doesn't, and what is the very best for it and what it will tolerate in an emergency (if I run out/don't have access to the very best stuff!). Eve Lom is my number one choice, which I always use when I'm at...
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    Successful Eye Lash Tint - What about yours?

    All this should have been covered in your eyelash tinting module/course, presuming you've attended one....???
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    Caflon Ear Piercing - Any Good?

    Here's a very informative piercing site: Piercing by Carl and Shirley at The Piercing bodz, 10 Rufus Court, Chester, Cheshire. CH1 2JW. Bodypiercing and Microdermal Anchors by the premier piercing specialist for the North West, North Wales, Cheshire, Merseyside and Wirral - homepage. There's...
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    prof skincare range for home use

    No, because my favourite skincare products aren't exclusively 'professional' skincare products. I'm one of those who believes that there are good and bad 'professional' products and good and bad OTC products, and I will recommend the ones I believe in to my clients regardless if I will profit...