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  • There is boxes at the end of each post, you tick all of them, then scoll to the bottom & click on delete posts, then just fill in the box will saying reason for deletion x
    Hi Gorge, please see my new discussion regarding Nails Magazine Reader's Choice Awards. We can VOTE for our favorite Bio Sculpture products mentioned in 14 categories. I wish I could reach you on Facebook but your page isn't set up for messages. Aloha
    Hi Tracy I just read your post now sorry for the late reply! I already sold the it sorry!
    HI Gorge, I read in a recent post from you "I have a price list with fills and new .. after 14, 21, 28, 35, and 42 days. It works for me but I think you can train your customers to suit you."

    I interested to know the details of this method of charging as my educator has a pricing program though not quite as many options. I don't remember the exact amounts for the fill or soak off with new set only but here is an example:

    First new color overlay for $55US
    Fill in 2wks $35
    New set free soak off $40
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