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  • I am glad you find my advice helpfull and I have no problem with you saving it all to refer to later. I put it out there for all to see and am glad to know that the info I have given is helping people. x
    Thanks for the support hun. I swear some people just spend thier time looking for trouble and spoiling for an argument where there is none. x
    Bridal tiaras | Wedding veils | Konad nail art lots of pics here. New ones are not really released yet over here just yet. This lady got a sneaky peak! The Holo Queen: Layla Cosmetics' Swatches of the New Hologram Effect Shades

    i have done some pop of the mirrors but not photographer them - sorry xxxx
    Yep still in stock and 8 new colours coming in soon. All of them are so pretty :)

    The mirror polishes are also in now to.
    ah thank you :) when i have the Layla on I keep staring at my nails LOL.

    I am also always about for questions so shout if you need anything xx
    I know what you mean about needing the Lala holos. A friend of mine pointed them out to me on Flicker and around 10 minutes later I sent in my first order :green:

    I got them off the Layla site but I live in Italy, their shipping over seas is crazy expensive! So I highly recommended the Layla UK stockist who luckily enough is also a geek (Bry T), here is her website: Bridal tiaras | Wedding veils | Konad nail art
    and here is the link to her profile on SG: http://www.salongeek.com/members/bry+t.html

    When you get them please post a pic and send me a message so I see it :hug:
    Hi Ali, I'm quite new to all of this but could you please tell me what L&P stands for? Stupid question!! J x
    Hey there =D
    Thank you for the kind pictures comments. I know what you mean by starring at the Layla holographic polishes! When I have them on all I do is stare at my nails, it makes driving kind of dangerous, lol.
    Just wanted to share some more discounts:

    I have invested in a Roo Salon wheeled case, its fantastic and contains more compartments that a cruise liner! It also comes with a detachable mini backpack and a set of 3 smaller cases including one with a nail polish divider.

    I have attached the links below for you to have a look at these include the special offers!

    Beauty Trolleys

    Save £30 on all beauty trolleys - beauty trolley saving- Roo savings UK

    Roo Rolls

    Small nail polish roll exclusive offer - nail roll offers - exclusive rolls UK
    Shellac Display Units - Please read!

    There is a guy on eBay called RubyDisplays2009 aka Adie and he makes display unit similar to the CND kind. He has kindly said that if you quote Salon Geek he will give us all a 10% discount!!! - What a nice guy!

    The ones he has listed are via the link below:
    nail varnish/cosmetic/make up/display stand/holder/acrylic tray | eBay

    Adie has also mentioned that if you require a particular size or require a wall mountable version, to contact him as he tells me he makes them himself!

    Please do contact him through eBay or i'm happy to contact him via mine for those who don't.

    Thanks :)
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