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  • I found it on YouTube Mariass Ortiz nail saloon with long nail divas - YouTube
    It has been removed. It was a YouTube video of a nail tech with 5 in nails in a shop full of ghetto fabulous clients, all with extreme length nails. Also, the amount of cleavage was as extreme as the nails. Lol guess it was deemed inappropriate. I don't think my comments helped any. I said it was real ghetto and I expected Ice Cube to come walking in the shop and don't get it twisted that I love me some Ice Cube. I guess I shouldn't post while drinking wine. LOL
    Wow , she looks amazing. 65!! You obviously got her looks, ye are very alike.
    I love them dark and loud. Met my beautiful black man my 19 years ago . Been married 3 years … now you know I ain't lyin' . Grew in Phoenix and have fell for a couple of Latinos, tambien chicka! Especialmente Los guapos Con músculos grandes, que no! My husband is a natural bodybuilder mmmmmm. So ya know, he is my age. :)
    Thanks for the heart, gurl. Saw your comment about olive skinned Spaniard to Geeg . I love a dark skinned man myself. Married to one!
    thank you for your kind picture i worked on nails what seems like forever and since working alone at home i have some self doubt at times, always nice to hear another tech liking you work.xx
    Ha! My magic's more powerful than that Caribbean zombie/voodoo stuff - ever seen the Wicker Man? (1973 original that is!) If I start feeling random pains you may soon wish it was 84 degrees, Biotch!
    Glad you can feel the snow - I performed one of our Pagan rituals, made an effigy of you and popped it in my freezer. And I promise the effigy didn't have a fat a**! And you can keep your 84 degrees - I hate stifling heat!
    Merry Christmas dear friend. I haven't forgotten about sending that photo but I must have your cell number wrong because none of my texts to you will send! Please Pm me with your number again so I can renter it in my phone? X
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