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  • :) So I just do cuticle removal,what do you clean nails with to get rid of cuticle bits hehehe then file nails, buff to remove shine,is it a bonder? wots:eek::rolleyes: next stage xx
    Oh. LOL. I use Gelish, too. It's actually a gel in a polish bottle which makes it easier to apply. I like it a lot! Very durable. The prep is the same as Shellac EXCEPT you have to rough the nail surface. It soaks off like Shellac except that you have to buff off the shine first. I actually use my efile to remove a lot of the product first, then soak. :o)
    Hiya huni, Hows you? You said about using Shellac, Im waiting for my Gellish, would that do the same for my manicure ladies, ie chipping etc etc xx
    Ummm was this message for me and my wall???
    You have posted on your own wall so i wasn't notified of your new message lol. You will get used to the site hun xxx
    Still learning how to use this site. Once I figure out how to do that I certainly will. Your work is amazing. I'm inspired.
    My husband keeps saying, "Look at him! He's wearing eye liner, for Pete's Sake!" I just keep looking at Johnny Depp and say, "Yeah, he's wearing eye liner and he's rocking that look, baby."
    I wanted to go see the new pirates film and hubby refused to go with me, he says its wrong to watch a grown woman dribble lol
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