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    Sum Up card machine percentage

    Hi Geeks! I’ve recently got a Sum up card machine.. It takes 1.69% of each transaction... I just wondered how other Geeks deal with this? Do you charge the extra 1.69% on top of the bill if paying by card? Do you charge a ‘set’ card fee? Or do you not bother doing either? It just bugs me...
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    Brad Mundo

    I LOVE Brad Mondo He’s hilarious! Xx
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    Looking for help choosing a toner please?

    Maybe so.. I always think if it works and doesn’t cause damage then hey ho! ‍♀️ maybe that’s why I’m having to ask for advice though.. I’m desperate to do a few colour courses but it’s such a strange time at the moment x
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    Looking for help choosing a toner please?

    I was a bit puzzled by this bit too [emoji53]xx
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    Looking for help choosing a toner please?

    Or possibly 10/16?
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    Looking for help choosing a toner please?

    Hi Geeks, I have a client at the weekend.. it’s the first time I’ve coloured her hair so slightly nervous x She has full head lightener (on scalp.. I’ll be using Blondor Soft Blonde) then toned. She says her previous hairdresser had to dry the hair off after lightening otherwise the toner...
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    Introducing myself!

    Thank you [emoji4] xxx
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    Does anyone use Kadus?

    I don’t know how true it is.. but I heard they are similar to Wella? I’m interested as never used them either xx
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    Introducing myself!

    Hi Hair Geeks! Just thought I’d introduce myself as I’m going mobile again from the 4th and have a feeling I’ll be on here a lot from now again.. I used to be on here years ago as ‘Rapunzelxx’ but can’t for the life in me remember the email I used! So I’ve rejoined! I’m 39 and I’ve been...