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    Wella colour questions??

    Hi, I have some questions on Wella colours, (I normally work with Loreal). Can Koleston Perfect and Intense Reds be used on the scalp? Can you use 12% with Koleston perfect on the scalp? How many shades will Koleston Perfect Special Blondes lift? Any help would be great! Thanks :)
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    cruise ships?

    Try this website for more info
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    Anyone know of a very bright copper?!

    Thats great info thanks! (I was hoping you would reply!!) How do i mix the wella pure tone? Ive never used this before. Adding water to the mixture is a great idea i do this with tints to refresh the ends and it never occured to me to do this with majicontrast!?
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    Anyone tried new Loreal Mens colour Cover 5'?

    It refers to it as an ammonia free gel?! Ill email my rep to find out the ingredients...
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    Salon Software

    KaterNico 2007 Salon Software Appointment Management with point of sale Try this website - should answer some of your questions!
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    which salon software?

    Hi, I did a search on ebay for salon software & found Katernico which i bought for about £20 it is pretty good but needs someone there (a receptionist) to operate it. I emailed them with a few enquires and they said they were working on the next version and the enquires id had they were already...
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    Anyone tried new Loreal Mens colour Cover 5'?

    Ive just recieved information on the new mens range from Loreal Cover 5' and was wondering if anyone had tried this? Its ment to be applied at the backwash and only takes 5mins to process (so very discreate) and blends in up to 50% of grey hair. I only recieved samples of the new Shampoo range...
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    Anyone know of a very bright copper?!

    Hi, Im hoping for a little advice on a colour client i have just had in... She had a crazy colour so hope you understand this: Natural Base: 6.3 (dark golden blonde) Slices (parting only) Majicontrast pure copper 40vol and 8.45 20vol Top section (inbetween foils (foil & tone)) colour suprime...
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    What and when do you offer food and drinks to your clients?

    We offer every client (no matter what the treatment) drink & normally a twix. We have bowls of Quality Sweet & Roses in the waiting area. Most popular coffee (that people go crazy over is Latte Creations(Original) - 2 large scoops added to 1 spoon of coffee) We have Regular & Decaff Herbel...
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    is it worth buying a microdermabrasion machine

    I just got the Silhouette International Machine,the treatment is great but the company are very rude and expensive. I just paid £50 for 3 new filters which can't have cost more than 5p each to produce! I buy my Crystals from Dermasave (who did me an exact match) just to avoid further contact...
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    Anyone use L'Oreal Majiblonde, hi lift tint?

    Ive never actually used the Milkshake range so wouldnt know what to recommend with that.. Does she actually want to go lighter or just get more of an ash look? I really love Blue Shampoo's(Aveda Blue Malva) or rinses to get ashy looks. For some of my blonde clients i actually give them some blue...
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    Anyone use L'Oreal Majiblonde, hi lift tint?

    Hi, Ive used Loreal colours for years but i must say i really don't like Majiblonde,my rep assures me its a new improved formula but i tried it and still found them slightly more golden (than Wella 12 range) and don't like the texture. On my hair i use 12/89 with 12% which turns out great,if i...
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    Tantruth Salon Spray Tan

    Thats really strange the Sally Salon Supplies i go to is really strict on who they will sell too,they are even making people show proof of insurance before giving cards out! Ill always use Fake Bake as standard in my Salon as everyone loves it i was more thinking of experimenting on myself &...
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    Can’t get the cool ash blonde colour I crave, why?

    I personally wouldnt recommend you do anything yourself and if your hair is dry and the colour not too unbareable i would wait about 6 weeks until your roots need doing and in the mean time get some conditioning treatments on. Without looking at your hair its hard to recommend something but from...
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    Tantruth Salon Spray Tan

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone had ever used/tried Tantruth Salon Spray? I normally use Fake Bake and am really pleased but just fancied trying something different and Tantruth is advertised and on offer in the latest Sally's offers booklet. So any info would be great? Thanks:eek: