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    How do I go from a red head to a neutral brunette?

    Hey I've just done a test peace for a client her hair is very light bright red and this was the result with 7.1 ash so it's like a very warm brown. I've explained that we can strip the colour out but it may take a few strips or we can cover the colour with an ash brown but the red will always...
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    Does Gelish work with other systems?

    Yeah I did see they say it works with others just wanted to hear someone had tried it! Thanks I'll order a couple of colours then :-) xx
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    Does Gelish work with other systems?

    Hi all, I was just wondering If Gelish TIO and Foundation would work with another system? I've seen a really nice colour in the IBD Just Gel range but don't want to buy their version of the base and TIO if Gelish will work with it as I only want one or two colours. Thanks
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    Kera-straight treatment

    I'll go with that brand then thanks guys!x
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    Eyelash extensions and eye infection

    Hi I have lash extensions by lash perfect and my eyes in the morning are always slightly gunky (gross I know!) I wouldn't blame the lashes or you I just think when you have them maybe your more prone to it as your lashes are longer maybe they hold more dust etc which falls into your eyes?! I...
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    Kera straight treatment

    Hey I'm looking to provide a Brazilian blow dry service to my clients. Can anyone recommend good brands? My rep is trying to persuade me to use kera-straight which look fab on their website but looking at YouTube videos people don't really rate it?! Opinions please 😀
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    Kera-straight treatment

    Hey I'm looking to provide a Brazilian blow dry system to my clients as another service. Can anyone recommend a product?? My rep is trying to persuade me to use kera-straight, the videos on their website look great but when I've you tubed it people don't really rate it. Opinions please 😀
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    Bleach bath-how do you do it?

    Yeah I've applied a permanent colour after and it's been fine. As for regrowth, I would just avoid that area and apply to mid lengths and ends
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    Bleach bath-how do you do it?

    I think bleach baths are really good when done properly and use a low % so it's kinder to the hair. It's fab for just a few shades of lift and I find it's quite fast also!
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    Bleach bath-how do you do it?

    Bleach Proxide and A deep cleansing shampoo mix and apply, I'd always try and use a low peroxide and do it slow 6%. I apply at the basin and just keep an eye on it all the time, as it can change pretty quick!
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    Matted hair extensions

    I would get straight on to the supplier and demand some answers and see what they come back with - explain you want a second copy of a certificate to prove the hair is 100% human hair, I would then give her the copy and see how she responds. Once you've de matted the hair see how she gets on and...
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    Advice needed following allergic reaction

    I have a lady who is allergic to colour (she used a home die and didn't test) she had a severe reaction and was in hospital for 3 weeks and awfully nearly lost her life thankfully she's fine now and has found using a colour from holland and barret and is fine, I think it's called natura tint x
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    I had a lady that had this when we used to use a 12 base on her hair so she started to take piriton tablets and found it eased it completely you could maybe mention that to her? Also check her scalp for any scalp damage and the nape of her neck. Do a patch test with barrier cream or...
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    Level 12 toners

    Colour doesn't lift colour so you won't be able to lift the hair without bleaching. Maybe do a bleach bath with a deep cleansing shampoo and a 6% then apply a toner to even out the colour as your only lifting 2 shades it shouldn't take to long. Or break the base 10 up with bleach hi lights on a...
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    Colour help?

    I never used to bleach bath but I find mixing the shampoo peroxide and bleach together and applying at the basin works really well and you can see a change pretty quickly :-) as you only want to lift a shade it shouldn't take to long so won't damage a hair x