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    Igora Royal silvers

    We had our technician in the last week and he said not to use them as toners . They are meant to be on salt-and-pepper hair
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    Personalised gowns?

    I used melody gowns they reproduce my logo perfectly there based in Tyne and Wear and they will send you a sample of a gown out .
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    Schwarzkopf fibre force treatment

    I like it too however I feel fibre Plex has overtaken this product . Especially with the standalone treatment x
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    Salon opening times

    What's every one doing this year at Christmas ? I'm not sure which day to come back on xx
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    Smart Bond by L'Oreal, any Olaplex users tried this?

    I think L'Oreal has come late in the day , we use fiberplex which I am very happy with however it does cross my mind to try olaplex
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    Absence from work

    Thank you for your reply . Her husband and mother in law were helping out ,I would not say to her well just get someone else , I appreciate she had made provision for some to help her out and not impact on work . But I think there is a limit to how this will carry on . If her husband is ill she...
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    Absence from work

    How much absence from work is ok . I have a member of staff over the last two years has had ten days each year ,so far this year it is already five days . She is part time and works three days . My issue last week was I had some staff on holiday so was relying on her how ever her little girl was...
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    Picking the right styling products

    We get it directly from them , we have a rep you also get points to put towards incentives and training
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    Picking the right styling products

    Think out of the box ,I used tigi for 17 years then went over to label m this product is amazing its dry shampoo and hairspray combined and is there best seller
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    Anyone used Eco easy flow shower head

    Hi iv been looking for the number ,did you find them ok x
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    Instagram filters

    I have trouble convincing clients The head shots at digitally enhanced and are unrealistic for the base colour. Most clients also think it is one colour applied to them and not several . In short enhanced photographs are a big problem
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    Schwarzkopf Fibreplex charges?

    Yes, The results we have had are amazing . All of the feedback from clients are extremely positive .
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    Why do hairdressers prefer highlights to all-over bleach ups?

    What colour remover do you use ? Xx
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    Salon computer systems

    Hi Lauren.we use salon advantage it's so easy to use and you own the software too I thought I salon was expensive. . It's a really good company to contact and talk to you could speak to the owner any time. Fantastic security loads of reports and gift cards available with your salon local and the...