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    Extensions straight after a colour

    They only say to wait incase of oils being left on the hair, just don’t use any product at the roots and then reapply extensions they need replacing
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    Hair extensions advice

    It won’t let me upload the photo
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    Hair extensions advice

    This is a 4t24 Indian weft from euphoriaone the ombré isn’t actually a ombré it’s only a root drag, you have take the root colour down yourself or blend out your clients hair to make it blend.
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    Hair extensions mobile technician

    Check out euphoriaOne and simply hair, they bother do amazing hair and good prices and if you are certified in extensions then you can get a trade discount :)
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    Mobile pricing help

    What’s your pricing for mobile clients? Brow waxing Brow threading Brow tinting Lash lifting/perming Eye tinting Also what do you take with you if your not using a beauty bed? A lot of my clients don’t have room for one to be put up Thank you x
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    Mobile brow wax

    What would you say is the Best wax kit for mobile facial waxing?
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    From this to white

    How would you suggest to get this client in the photo to light silver/white I plan to lighten her roots and then at the last 15-20 minutes process the mid/ends Or would you suggest another method? What toners would you also suggest to use? Thank you x
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    Insurance for hair extensions

    Salon gold :)
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    Extension fitting charges

    l.A Weave price of hair + £15 per row fitting, £25 for removal £10 per row for tightening Micro rings are Price of hair + £75 full Head fitting £30 for removal £55 for tightening x
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    Remy extensions

    I use Euphoria one and they are brill
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    Using bleach on wet hair

    I do on a wet balayage. It’s hard to explain why ha but if you type it into google your find people that explain why
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    Micro rings full head extensions - how many bonds

    For a full head of thick hair I use 8 packs of 25 x
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    Where to start after make up training

    So I have trained in make up and I’m looking to see if anyone has any pointers on where to start. I have got a good range of products, different foundations, with mixers so I can custom make shades if needed. A few sets of brushes, cleaning tools, eye shadows etc I have only done one client...
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    Make up kits

    Hi :) I’ve recently completed a make up course and I’m looking for help on brands to use when just starting out. I can’t afford to just buy big brands right now but I don’t want to buy cheap either, just more on the lines of budget but not tacky Thank you x
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    Euphoria hair blend

    You contact them directly