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    Euphoria One

    I always say 18” weft from £**** that way they know prices can change
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    Cluster lash qualification

    With a cluster lash qualification can you do any other type of lashes or just any on a cluster?
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    Starting in a new salon looking for advice

    Starting in a new salon on Monday and It will be the owner and myself. The salon is a lot more expensive then what I currently charge so what do I do about losing clients due to this change?
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    Diva curling range

    Waves are just brushed out big curls hun
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    Euphoria One hair extensions price increases

    Mine is the same as it’s been for the year now. No price increase or anything
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    New to LA weave and have some questions

    I was trained the same exact way but I do NOT do that when fitting extensions unless they are having nanos then I will do a small V so it blends in at the root I do small square sections and don’t leave any hair between the beads. Leave a gap the same thinkness of the row below so you are...
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    Polite reply for when you can’t fit client in?

    Tell them they have to book their next appointment when they are with you, if they don’t say there will be a 4-8 weeks waiting list
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    LA weave micro ring size and bead placement?

    From side to side
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    LA weave micro ring size and bead placement?

    5mm beads Always silicone lined
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    Extensions straight after a colour

    They only say to wait incase of oils being left on the hair, just don’t use any product at the roots and then reapply extensions they need replacing
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    Hair extensions advice

    It won’t let me upload the photo
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    Hair extensions advice

    This is a 4t24 Indian weft from euphoriaone the ombré isn’t actually a ombré it’s only a root drag, you have take the root colour down yourself or blend out your clients hair to make it blend.
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    Hair extensions mobile technician

    Check out euphoriaOne and simply hair, they bother do amazing hair and good prices and if you are certified in extensions then you can get a trade discount :)
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    Mobile pricing help

    What’s your pricing for mobile clients? Brow waxing Brow threading Brow tinting Lash lifting/perming Eye tinting Also what do you take with you if your not using a beauty bed? A lot of my clients don’t have room for one to be put up Thank you x
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    Mobile brow wax

    What would you say is the Best wax kit for mobile facial waxing?