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    Bad batch of Prestige hair extensions?

    email them the hair is guaranteed for 90 days
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    Short hair extensions

    Angel Remy
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    Blonde mini tips, anyone else have this problem?

    I would match the rings to the clients natural root colour, on your bottom pic I would have used a light brown ring
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    Best tape hair extensions remover

    The tape remover from options is more expensive than the alcohol keratin remover , send them an email to clarify if you have the up to date price list.
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    Best tape hair extensions remover

    Are you confusing the keratin bond removers from options with the tape adhesive remover they started selling more recently? It's not on the older price lists.
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    Help with hair extensions!

    Have you used a different colour on the bottom? Could be a fault with just that colour.
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    Has anyone had problems with Euphoria One colours not matching ring before

    Have you used the hair? If it's new in packing and just doesn't match then you won't have any issues getting a refund for returning an unused item.
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    Can you take nano rings out yourself?

    You risk damaging your own hair removing them yourself, you should have them removed by the person who installed them.
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    Hair extension ring help

    Your hair dresser might be able to squeeze the metal loops so they're flatter and fit a nano ring but the metal loops look like they're made from thicker wire than normal nano tips so they may just have to be totally re-tipped
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    My next extensions

    Prestige have reduced their weft prices
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    Angel Remy prices

    I have had emails from several suppliers warning of increases, some giving 6 weeks or more notice of small increases Angel Remy have put everything in their ranges up by a huge amounts with no notice at all
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    Angel Remy prices

    It is going to happen to all goods over the next few months not just hair extensions it's been all over the news for ages. All brands big or small, in beauty or any retail will see an increase in costs.
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    Angel Remy prices

    Have you got a trade account with them? They offer a large discount but yes their wefts have gone up a lot and there wasn't any warning.
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    Purple stick tip/nano tip extensions

    Have you stopped using them?
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    Client problem

    Don't think your supplier will be interested if they have been coloured.