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    hi, have read your blog, you poor, poor thing x!! What a git!! After everything you have been through as well. Do yourself a favour, become a lesbian!! We are much, much more sympathetic about real life. Hope to hear from you, I am quite new to the whole blog / chat room thingy!!
    Thanks for blog comment hun - unfortuantely as I live on the god ol' Isle of Sheppey and it was just the bowling alley at the fair (not my choice but thats where son wanted to go!!) its not worth the hassle - I won't be going there again tho I'd rather spend a bit more and go over to Maidstone. Sorry to here you having troubles hun - I'm only across the bridge if you need a shoulder xx
    Thanks hun your comments really helped.
    Dont talk to me about roots, I've moved me hairdressers and dentist appointment to next month. Can you imagine what I'll look like? Worzel Gummage!!lol xx
    hi Gabi, that is Adrian Brody, he was in the film , the pianist, its a fantastic film xx

    ( and he is gorgeous) lol
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