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    Electric mittens

    That sounds like a huge saving. How long does it take to arrive?
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    Electric mittens

    Points taken! Unlikely I'd ever have got around to it but just interested really.
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    Electric mittens

    What US sites do you use to buy from? I'm more interested in the non electrical things though.
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    Toughen Up

    What is recommended for brittle nails?
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    Help... cant find a beauty/waxing course

    You would be better to wait than to book into a one day course. In theory the technique is easy to learn but as with everything it is when you come to practise it that it is suddenly not so easy. Incorrectly done you can cause damage, bruising, contra-indications may not be properly explained eg...
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    Re: Revivanail

    What's the difference between this and toughen up? Or is it just a different brand. Can't find my book at mo but thought they were both creative products.
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    What do I need to buy with nail trainer?

    I want to buy a second hand nail trainer and seen some on ebay that might be worth bidding on. I only want it to practise painting on. So, apart from the hand and instructions what else do I need to get with it? Some have nails, tips, glue and some other bits and pieces.
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    EBAY! i cant believe it....

    I've been to concerts where you get the programs. People pick them up after the concert and sell them on e-bay. Some have gone for £10.00! And they were free. I've seen the same with cinema cards - certain films have got cards and they are freely available and they've been sold. However, the...
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    Just nails or beauty too?

    There are several colleges that specialise in stand alone units. Brentwood adult education (local authority) offers all of the courses as individual units as does Brentwood Academy (the private one - very good). Both are 20-30 mins from Basildon the LEA one is the closest. None of these stand...
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    November Essex meeting

    Sorry, would have liked to have made it to this one but my husband's birthday party ...
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    Message for Handyandy

    Thanks, have pm you. Have cleared out box now, sorry about that.
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    Do you of any websites for Nail Art ideas?

    I think your username is very clever. In fact, there's quite a few good ones. They always make me smile.
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    OPI Nail Envy

    Thank you for those explanations. I think I will buy some and I'm going to try it out as per instructions. That Doug Schoon article was very good, thank you nails in london. I've noticed a few references to him and I thought that was very helpful. Nice when the knowledge start to come together.
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    My little boy's got really flaky nails

    I have wondered the same things about nut allergies and solar oil. I did ask the question a while back and got some very helpful replies. It seems it should be okay but as an alternative people recommended other oils. Unfortunately I can't remember them so might be worth doing a search. Beleive...
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    cutting cuticles

    Very true all of it. I probably didn't clarify filing part - some people see-saw, some file one way and then go backwards. I couldn't get to the bottom of it and that was before I started to wonder what were the best files for natural nails!