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  • im so new to this ..can you help me with my profile??...i a male, and yes i do nails....hope you dont mind me asking for help...hope all is well......luu
    Hi Hannah, I seen a reply to a post from you about Onycholysis and you said you used Solar Oil a few times a day which cured it for you. i was wondering how long that took to work and how bad were ur nails? I have this on about 6/7 nails and the worst two the Onycholysis is almost at bottom of my nails (I have worn fake nails for 2 yrs and this is what has caused such bad damage)!

    Thank you
    Hey Hannah... remember me ?? not living in weston anymore moved to yeovil... so what you upto these days ?? Ive just started doing nails & waxing ! : )
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