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    OMG, I would never get a client to open their eyes, no matter how careful I was. I do same as Trish and Kelly with the cotton pad. Always gets the lower lashes fine.
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    Has anyone seen these in the uk?

    Thats what I was going to say - Avon peel and stick polish!
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    Facials What do you do when masque is on?

    Our facials are with Uber (quite a new range) and we start off with hot mitt massage on feet, then throughout the routine take off exfoliator and masque with hot mitts. While the mask is on, we put damp cotton pads on eyes and cover with warm compress. Clients love it and 99% of time fall asleep!
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    Facials What do you do when masque is on?

    We always do a hand and arm massage. Clients love it, as they arn't just lying there and helps to release some more of their tension.
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    hollywood or brazillian???

    Brazilian for me, although each time it's getting closer to a Hollywood. Loving the idea of a heart for valentine's day. May start mentioning this to my clients and prep one of the other therapists to do it on me! lol
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    My Business (Or lack of?!)

    Hi, I don't run my own business, but work in a salon, and we have been very quiet, up and down the whole time. Are you based in a town centre or out on the outskirts? Perhaps go into the town centre handing out leaflets with special offers on, or go into businessess and ask if they can put...
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    Ways to perform paraffin waxing

    At college we were taught to ladel wax into a bowl and then to paint it onto the hands or feet, then wrap in foil or plastic, then wrap in towels or mitts. At work, we either paint on or dip clients foot/hand in. We do a heat sensitivity test first though. Then put in plastic bag, then put...
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    Pregnancy and spray tanning

    Hi, unfortunatly it's not my salon, so can't change what we use. We do however have a new range in our salon which is very natural, and they have a tan, which has DHA, cotton flower and oriental sea kelp in, which is great for the skin, no chemicals and I find the tan lasts longer than the...
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    Pregnancy and spray tanning

    Hi, At my work we use Natursun spray tan. One of the therapists is pregnant, and she phoned Natursun and they said it is advisable for her not to carry out spray tans whilst she is pregnant. If I was pregnant I know I would be worried about breathing in all the chemicals. It's bad enough...
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    Would you like to fly my paper plane?

    36.725 best for me, only got through window once, can't do it again!
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    anger managment

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    so who are the smokers

    I am a non smoker, really surprised at the poll results so far. Would have thought that there would have been more smokers. I only smoked when I was 16/17 for 2 years, was never really addicted to it and was able to just give up really easily. My partner smoked for over 10 years and it took...
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    Tippex Manicure - so very wrong...

    I used to do this when I was bored at school lol Was a real pain to come off!
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    Giving receipts for treatments??

    I was thinking about this the other day, whether you would get asked or not. I'm going to buy a standard receipt book and keep it with me just incase.
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    rofl very good.