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    Longevity of polish

    This is toes nails... Tends to be big toe & last two. However she doesn't wear shoes... Lives in sandals [emoji16]
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    Longevity of polish

    Oh, re-read. Chips from free edge
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    Longevity of polish

    Chipping.. Dry nails... Not coming off complete. No damage...
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    Longevity of polish

    Hey all, Can anyone shed some light on an issue I'm suffering from.... I've a client who nails won't hold any polish... Standard, gel or bio sculpture! She takes no meds, but does suffer with endometritus.... Could this be the source of our frustration ‍♀️ I've had plenty of clients before with...
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    Best professional henna brow products? many treatments do you get out of those packets?? X
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    Best professional henna brow products?

    Hey, I've sent you an email. I'll wait to hear from you. Cheers for the info [emoji1303]x
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    Best professional henna brow products?

    I've contacted Mina brows...hoping to hear back soon about the training date you mentioned in Feb....realise I could have missed it[emoji33][emoji85]
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    Best professional henna brow products?

    All brands I'm off to check out now, but could any of you tell me why none I've found so far offer a tint for grey? Or have cooler tones? Not all of my clients will be able to use even light brown. It'll look odd [emoji33] appreciate any help & guidance[emoji16] x
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    Has anyone had been asked this before?

    Hey All, Ive had a client who has electrolysis. Unfortunately she's moving to a small island, where there is no salons for treatments!! She's obvs had positive results with the electrolysis & is keen to keep them up, but I'm too far away to visit - as is the main land! So she asked: What do i...
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    Electrolysis machine recommendations?

    Thanks essentia:) I'll be on the phone to get some prices me thinks x
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    Electrolysis machine recommendations?

    Hi all, really useful information. So thanks there....can any of you tell me if you use the APILUS for red vein,capillaries& spider nevi? Any more information appreciated
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    Eyebrows going white/grey

    Yep tinting is the way forward:) u can Taylor to your specific colour so it'll look natural. I assume your a therapist?
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    Threading course in the south?

    Hi all, anyone been on a good threading course in the south?? Cheers
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    Client sensitive to eyebrow tint-can I still tint lashes?

    Cheers guys... I'm using the brand you mention beginning with "r" ( I just can't spell it:). I also read that thread. Think I'll revert to using salon systems. Thanks again for your input:)x
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    Refectocil causing clients discomfort

    Have you tried using cut cotton wool disks, instead of paper protectors?? I've never found anyway saying it stings on the eyes, but I've had a client recently who's eyebrows have suffered! Has anyone found a tint that's better after client has reacted?