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    Russian, 3D or classic extension

    Pretty sure you have to do the training for insurance. I know some people who did Russian without the training and just used pre made fans and did a lot of damage x
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    The Manicure Company?

    I use the manicure company on myself and family and I really like them, good size bottles and price for me because I’m not always using them! And I love their sets that they bring out, I just brought the Nudes set and I love the colours. But if you are using them often on clients I think you...
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    Best classic lash extension training?

    I trained with Nouveau lashes a week ago and thought the course and the kit was amazing x
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    Gel recommendations?

    I use the manicure company and so do a few of my friends, I really like them!
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    Lash lift shields

    I trained with Sally’s using salon systems, I only ever use the medium sometimes small but I’ve not used the large at all yet! When I brought my kit in capital the sales assistant said that the large ones hardly ever get used. I use a damp cotton pad to remove tint too but I’ve never had a...