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  • Hi Hannah, I'll have a look at the towel heaters. Have just ordered CND lamp, they are in stock!! I'm up for Manchester as long as you think my nails are up to it! I redid my brisa lady tonight so fingers crossed no lifting x
    I haven't yet. I've got a couple of things on the go at the moment and can't deside which path to go down. Thanks though.x
    keep positive....you have not lost a client,and your work speaks volumes....so be proud,be strong and carry on...lol Gabi xx
    that would help wouldn't it!! Sorry, my name's Amanda! I live in Duffryn Oaks in Pencoed - newish estate by the Redrow Estate; I phoned the council today funnily enough to ask what the implications of working at home are (i.e. do we have to pay extra tax etc) - the girl just took my details and said they'd send something out in the post. Do you have any information on this? How do you feel about losing one of your bedrooms? I'm in two minds at the moment about whether to stay mobile or use a bedroom? From your piccies looks like your nails are fab - how long have you been doing them? Do you have lots of clients? (your piccy of your baby is adorable!)
    Hi Hannah! I live in Pencoed - glad to see someone local on here. Are you working as a mobile nail technician or in a salon at the moment? Be nice to hear from you :)
    Must I become a premium geek to upload even files that are smaller than 100kB. Please, share....How did you attach your files?.
    That's good news and is a start chica, hope she improves quickly and is allowed out of hospital soon :hug: xxx
    Just a quickie message to say that you're all in my thoughts, I hope things get more stress-free for you hunny, you know where we all are if you need a rant/vent/moan :hug: xxx
    As I told you, I MIGHT come and train on your hands, if you will allow me...:-D Hug C.
    Hiya Hannah. Yes, I feel I am living in my suitcase these days. Came home from Liverpool tonight and will go to Dusseldorf at Thursday morning. I am going to a BIG beautyshow there, it's fantastic! I also wished you lived in Aberdeen...:-/ A pity my husband don't have any people to work with at your place. It looks like he is going to work a lot abroad this year, but not anywhere near you...:-/ Well, I may come and visit you anyway, I only have to find time for it...:) Hug C. PS. I haven't forgotten you, I will try to send you some "goodies" when I am back from Dusseldorf. Hug C.
    Thanks so much, I'll have an old brush around, and maybe even give it a little trim to help! xxx
    Hiya im from pembrokeshire, what bout u? just had a look at your nails, they are really good!
    Hiya hun
    I`m going on the Sunday.. getting a train from Newport at 8am ish then getting the 7.30 train home then.
    Hope you and the family are well
    Love Sarah xxx
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